Arizona Roadtrip

Before & After Backpacking Havasupai

I was super excited for my first Backpacking Trip but my friends & I wanted to use our time off work to see as much of Arizona as possible. We left Seal Beach, CA at 4:00am! Arizona does not have daylight savings time so we had to leave earlier than ideal. From there, we drove through Nevada, Utah & finally made it to Northern Arizona just in time for our tour 2:20pm tour at Antelope Canyon. Of course I brought some crochet to work on during the drive.

Antelope Canyon:

Antelope Canyon was the first thing we wanted to check out. Whether you are going to upper or lower canyon, you must do a tour. We chose to do the General Tour at Ken’s Tours in Lower Antelope Canyon. The cost $28 per person & was worth every penny.


Because we went in winter, Lower Antelope was almost empty! Our guide helped point out cool spots for photos & we were only with 4 other people. We took as much time as we wanted, spending about 45 min in the canyon. During the summer, the lines are huge & the weather is hot! But you do get light beaming into the canyon!


A photo our guide took of a sunbeam on my face!
The path gets pretty narrow!


Our guide @c_sandoval11


The “Sierra Nevada Mountains”


Horseshoe Bend

Next stop was sunset at horseshoe bend! It was a 15 minute drive from Antelope Canyon then a short walk from the parking lot, but man was it cold! We spent about 30 min there taking photos & watching the sunset. It was the perfect time of day.

Horseshoe Bend at Sunset
After sunset, the color was much better for photos! (this was before)

Grand Canyon Caverns

It was a 3 hour drive to our hotel so we stopped in Flagstaff for our first meal all day. The next morning we started our hike through Havasupai at 7:00am. So we stayed at the closest hotel to Hualapai Hilltop, The Grand Canyon Caverns Inn.  This place was a Route 66 roadside photo opp heaven. To bad we did not make it to the hotel until after 10:00pm. Since we had to check in late, we were told to use the bell to alert the night attendant. We waited about 20 min in the cold & dark. Exhausted & worried that no one would come, but luckily had cell phone service (Verizon). We called & woke up the sleeping night attendant. Our room was about $106.00 for the night. They had cereal, coffee, & bagels in the morning. I wish we had more time to check this place out!


Flagstaff & The Wigwam Motel

After our hike, we were exhausted & ready for a good meal. We ventured into Flagstaff, AZ & found  our new favorite place, Outback Steak House. (We actually stopped here the night before our hike too! hahah)

Staying in Flagstaff would have be easier, but since I did the planning I booked us a $60.00 teepee at  The Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, a place I found on Instagram. Although the extra driving was unnecessary, it was worth it.






On our way home, we planed to check out Sedona. I had no idea how nice this area was! Not only was it beautiful, but also the landscape was a little different than what we had previously seen on our trip. The plan was to do a short hike to Devil’s Bridge but due to rain & exhaustion we decided to save it for next time.



Thank you for reading & let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to help make your trip as fun, successful & worry free as possible! For what my backpacking trip was like, check out my Havasupai post!

XOXO- Megan

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