Life Lessons from Lightning In A Bottle! 

Every time I go to an event like this I leave feeling like I have learned so much. I talk to many people, have lots of different encounters, & am exposed to tons of unique world views.

Some of the people I spoke with at this years festival helped me realize it really is not as hard to accomplish your goals or make a change in your life as you may think. Everywhere I looked there was someone chasing their dreams or educating others about a cause close to their hearts.

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Part of the reason I wanted to go to Lightning In A Bottle was because it is one of the most transformational & eco friendly festivals around. They put a huge emphasis on living a healthy life & honoring the environment we are all a part of. It is wonderful to see them taking a stand for what they believe & inspiring others to do the same.

For me, living a healthy life goes beyond what you eat & how much you exercise, it is a mindset. Being healthy is knowing what your body & soul needs. It is loving & being confident in yourself. I have also found that “healthiest” people are open & receptive of others. They understand not just want they need, but what the people in their life need as well.

In this post I will be exploring how understanding people’s energies has helped me to make better connections, build deeper relationships, & basically have the best time possible! I’m also sharing a little about the people I spent time with, the amazing things they do, & how they have helped me to live a healthier life.Odyssey Designs Life Lessons from LIB_-2

Understanding Energies!

Going to a festival takes a lot out of you! Long days of exploring & even longer nights dancing, can really take a toll on your body & mind. I spend most of the week by myself in a office so the social interaction alone can be exhausting. When you add other people into the mix, things get even more complicated. But I am getting better at it & this is how!

The concept of reading people’s energies or that humans even have an aura was something that used to seem so silly to me. The idea that there is some sort of field around us that our mind & soul controls seemed a little too Hocus Pocus for me to believe.Odyssey Designs Life Lessons from LIB_-13

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Once in High School a friend gave me some Sage for my room & I thought it was the stupidest thing. Way to supernatural to have a real impact, I didn’t want to accept that a place could have a bad energy. So I wasn’t open to understanding how to pick up on it, correct it, or use that knowledge to strengthen my relationships with other people.

But as I got older, I’ve kept & open mind to these beliefs. In doing so, I have realized that knowing how your energy is received & how to read other people’s, can really help you to communicate happily. As well as get the most out of the connections you do make.

It’s really not as mystical as I once thought!

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The Witches Hut in the Craft area of LIB, These ladies get it!

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Different herbs that effect your energy, I tried one my first day at LIB!

I usually go out, or to a festival, with one close friend or significant other who has my primary attention. To make this easier to explain, I will refer to this person as my “primary relationship”.

For the time we are together, they are the one who’s energy I am going to be reading the most. It is important for me to make sure they are feeling good, because we will be feeding off each other & are there primarily to bond & deepen our connection.

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Alli & I went together to LIB, So she was my “Primary Relationship” for the weekend!

One of the speakers I heard in the Craft section at Lightning In A Bottle was lecturing on the Throat Chakra. If you don’t know, the Throat Chakra controls our ability to communicate. He was petitioning to have the name changed to the Throat & Ear Chakra. I was so happy to have heard that little bit of his lesson because communication is something I have been working on improving & your energy plays a huge part.

His point was: To have good communication, you not only need to take time to think of a reply, but also concentrate & listen to the other persons words before you form that response. 

For me, listening goes beyond paying attention to just the words that come out of someone’s mouth. It includes noticing their attitude, aura, mind-set, & soul (AKA their Energy!). I believe that all of these things play a role in how the interaction & connection will go.

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Fellow festival goers learning about the power of the Chakras & Listening.

Here is how my understanding of this concept is put to use:

When I start talking to strangers, I wait to see how they react. Not just with their words, but I try to notice how open they are to having this encounter. I try to listen to their tone & pick up on their body language. If their response does not give off the same frequency I put out, I won’t continue to give them my positive effervescence, in hopes it will rub off on them. I will just let them pass or remove myself & the people I’m with from that situation.

Now, you may think that is selfish of me, why shouldn’t I be willing to spread positivity 100% percent of the time?

Because it can really have an impact on your primary relationship.

I firmly believe that trying to reach someone who isn’t open to listening (not just with their ears but with their spirit & energy) is more draining than anything else. Sometimes, no matter how much you give, you are not going to get anywhere, & that can be hard to accept. Nothing gets me more down than trying to help, or get to know someone, & them being closed off.

We all have our own way of dealing with this, so it is important to notice how it affects the other half of your primary relationship. After all, they are the ones who are there to connect with you & vice versa.

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The performers here totally played off the energy of the people in the audience. It was cool to see someone else thinking about this as much as I was haha

I went to LIB with my friend Alli  who is the kindest sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She constantly wants to spread her positive vibes with the world. I too am a very outgoing & energetic person. Part of why we get along so well is that it brings us both so much joy, seeing & helping other people to be happy. But not everyone is like that.

Over the course of our friendship, I have seen people get rubbed the wrong way by us & it wasn’t until I understood this concept that I truly realized why.

Life Lessons from LIB Alli

The two of us are very similar, we feed off of each other so well. But sometimes she will start talking to a stranger &  I can feel that they are not totally receptive to her positivity. She is used to it, so she wont let it bother her. But for me, it can be so draining. I can lose any energy I have left. I just want to pull her away so we can continue along our journey feeding off each other, sharing our good vibes with one another, bringing us closer & strengthening our primary relationship.

When you are with other people, it is important to realize that the way you spread your energy can affect them as well. Although you may be okay that someone doesn’t want to talk with you, it can be hard for the other person to let go of that encounter as quickly as you do, draining & exhausting them.

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Our quite place to rest & recharge <3 I find it so important to take time for yourself. Especially at events like this!

I used to be blissfully ignorant to the impact my actions could have, releasing all of my positive energy on people who were closed off to receiving it. Depleting myself & exhausting my primary relationship by interacting with strangers that didn’t actually matter, instead of the people who came to interact with me.

Noticing these energies, has helped me to be a better companion to those I am with & deeply care about. It has also helped me to find the places & people who will bring me the most joy. For example, the music you are drawn too! Other people with similar mind-sets & energy are probably drawn there as well.

I’m still working on improving how I communicate, listen & read people’s energies, but I think it can be applied in so many ways. Not to mention, seeing how your energy is received & recognizing that you may not be coming across the way you intended (aka my biggest struggle).

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We liked the music & went on this raft. I was a little afraid we wouldn’t be able to get off, but our intuition took us on a nice ride!

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Chasing Your Dreams

I had always wanted to go to Lightning In A Bottle, but year after year, I did not have anyone to go with. Finally, I met two amazing women who said I could tag along (this was prior to Alli joining)! If it wasn’t for Corina & Natascha I would never of made it to LIB & I’m so thankful I was able to get to know them both a little better.

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Coachella 2017

I first met Corina at Coachella in 2016 when I saw her wearing a sold out crochet set from one of my favorite companies, Spell & the Gypsy Collective. Since I had just started to crochet, I was so curious about her outfit! I ran over & started talking to her. At the time, I had no idea she was a successful blogger & designer. It is still crazy to me that my curiosity & intuition lead me her because she & her brand Wild & Free Jewelry has become one of my biggest inspirations. Seeing how she has been able to turn her passion into a business that lets her inspire others is incredible. I feel so lucky to call her a friend. If you are ever in need of some festival inspo or accessories check out her beautiful Butterfly & Mermaid Crowns.

Life Lessons from LIB Crochet 1

Life Lessons from LIB Crochet 2

Eco Friendly & Vegan Lifestyle

Both Corina & her festival soul sister Natascha are vegan! I’ll be honest, I’ve always been skeptical of a 100% vegan diet. I eat pretty healthy, but I’d say at least half of what I consume & crave is meat or eggs. But seeing how they both stick to it so effortlessly was motivating. Over the course of the weekend, I tried countless vegan, gluten, & sugar free dishes, even pizza! All of which left me feeling way more full & satisfied than I expected. Which is a huge deal when your averaging 16 miles a day!

Life Lessons from LIB Natascha

As a world traveler & model it was amazing to me how good Natascha is at sticking to her healthy lifestyle, encouraging others to give it a try, & doing it all with style & grace.  Check out her blog In Search of Sadie to see more about her journey & inspiration. You can also try your hand at some clean cooking with one of her many Healthy Recipes!

For me the biggest reason to eat less meat, is the impact cattle farming has on the environment. You may not care about the animals, but shouldn’t you at least care about yourself & the world you live in? Food for thought!

The End!

Overall I had an amazing weekend. I feel more ready than ever to pursue my dreams, make healthier choices, & improve my communication & relationships. I hope that sharing these realizations sparks a desire for your to do so as well. I truly believe that so many of the conflicts & negativity in the world can improve if we all pay a little more attention to those around us & how we interact or affect them.

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Megan <3


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