The Museum Of Ice Cream!

The Museum of Ice Cream! You have probably seen it on Instagram & if you haven’t, then you have most likely been living under a rock this past year. But for those of you who didn’t get a $29 tickets, don’t fret! I went & ate all the stomach ache inducing deserts just so you don’t have too! Well that & I really wanted to see the pool of sprinkles for myself.

A friend of mine said something that reminded me so much of this place. “Growing up is not leaving your childhood behind; it’s learning how to preserve its simple glory and share it with everyone who’s forgotten.” –Rachel Cushman  That is exactly what you will find behind the big pink door at the Museum of Ice Cream!
Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_Once you have entered, the “museum” is one way. You have to go through each room until you get to the end, or in my case, the restroom! (pee before you leave!) Every room is different, each with it’s own wacky art & “ice cream”. Some are better than others. But everywhere you turn, there is a little something for the kid in all of us!

The first room has a bunch of pink phones. If you pick one up & listen REAL hard, you may be able to hear someone on the other end! But I couldn’t quite make it out.

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-2

Next was the room with the best samples! When I went, they were from one of my favorite L.A. (& Portland) ice cream spots, Salt & Straw! But online I found that it does change.

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-3

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-5

Then you will most likely find a line of people waiting to get on some swings & take photos with the hanging bananas. I’d have to admit, it was starting to feel like I was walking through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Only instead of Umpa Lumpas, you’ll find teenagers with cameras.Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-8

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-14

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-10

My favorite part was next, The Mint Room! Here you got to try some delicious mint chip mochi! My sample was pretty small… but it was yummy! Be sure brush up on you mint trivia or be ready to do a little dance if you want to try it!

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-16

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-20

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-18
Trying to smell the different mint plants but all I could make out was the chocolate soil!
Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-19
Me wondering if these plants are really growing…

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-21

The next section had the coolest art in my opinion! However, no longer will they let you get near some of it. I was very disappointed about this, as I had seen other visitors laying on melting popsicles. Yet I wasn’t even allowed to stand next to the orange one I wanted a photo with.

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-28

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-33

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-31
My “I’m trying to not looked pissed I have to stand infont of this chain” face…

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-37

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-39
The Gummy Bear was invented in 1922 by Hans Riegel Sr in Germany, FYI.

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-40

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-38After a little gummy bear quiz & treat, we moved to the next room. There you were given a chocolate looking ice cream cone & asked to guess what the “ice cream” was. Here’s a hint, it wasn’t ice cream! But I did get it right on my first try! I guess I eat a lot of sweets…

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-42

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-44

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-43

After a short wait, we finally made it to the infamous sprinkle pool! Before you go in, you have to take off your shoes. Probably because you’ll sink in like quick sand & fill any hole or crevice with the synthetic bacteria free sprinkles. But get some photos fast, your time there is limited.

Another sort of icky thing to note is this place is HOT! By the time I made it to the pool, I was dabbing beads of sweat left & right. The sprinkles were warm & many stuck to my skin after I left the pool. Hopefully, it is not as hot if you ever visit!

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-45

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-51

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-53

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-52

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-55

Overall the museum was a fun way to spend an afternoon! I’m not rushing back, but I’m glad I was able to see it for myself. Perhaps the coolest part was that I got to experience someone’s dream come true. We were told the creator, Maryellis Bunn, dreamed up this crazy idea, quite her job, & made it happen. For me, seeing how she was able to turn something as silly as this into a success made me feel like I can accomplish my goals too!

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-62

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-63

Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-65

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  1. Thank you for the narration, as you know I didn’t get to experience the museum first hand – bummer!
    Double darn- I didn’t realize they gave samples.
    Thanks to you, I feel like I was there.
    Great picks!

  2. I went to the museum of IceCream in Miami and I had a blast!! I really admire the founder of MOIC’s story as well! Makes me feel confident about accomplishing my weird goals as well LoL

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