A Sustainable Crochet Set!

I’ve always been interested in fashion. My first job was at a small boutique in my hometown. The place was packed with dresses, tops & all the latest trends. I would spend my afternoons trying on different styles & falling in love with the way a good outfit can make you feel.

From there, I went on to work at Nordstrom & my clothing collection grew to an overwhelming size. It got so out of hand, I left my job in an attempt to rid myself of temptation. Now, every few months I go through my closet & select several things to donate or re-purpose. But the task has never been easy. Not only do I feel awful about having wasted money on another unnecessary outfit, but also I began to realize that these purchases were hurting more than just my wallet.

Fast Fashion is creating an environmental crisis. Every year 13 million tons of textiles are thrown out, which accounts for about 10% of America’s non recycled waste. I’ve been doing my best to buy vintage pieces & find brands that offer more sustainable fashion. Being a maker, it has become important for me to find materials that are eco-friendly too.

As a new crocheter, I was overwhelmed by the different yarn choices. But after I made my first granny square cardigan with cheap itchy yarn, I quickly realized that I needed to be cautious about my fiber selection. If I was going to spend days crocheting a new dress, I should use quality fibers I felt good about wearing & encouraging others to use too.

Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Yarn 06/15/2017 - 59

Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Yarn 06/15/2017 - 57

That is why I was so excited when Wool & The Gang came out with their Tina Tape Yarn! 100% vegan & made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus tress, the tencel is manufactured by lenzing fibres in a closed-loop system, where water and solvents are reused instead of ending up as pollution and waste.

Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Rose Park Roasters 06-25-2017 - 030

Having never worked with this type of material, I first played with different stitches & hooks untill I found ones I liked. I had only seen Tina Tape used for kniting projects so it took me a few tries before I realized more elaborate or tight stiches looked best (in my opinion).

Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Wrap Skirt 06-16-2017 - 02

Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Wrap Skirt 06-16-2017 - 14Being summer time, I wanted to make a cool basic outfit I could wear over & over again. After asking my Instagram friends what they thought I should make, I began to work on a crop top & wrap skirt.

 Once the skirt was long enough I put it on & realized the wrap style was a little more beachy (& scandalous) then I hoped. So I spun it around & started working on a new pattern for an a-line mini!I spend a lot of time undoing my projects. I’ll start a piece, realize it is not going the way I want, & pull all the stitches out. Sometimes the yarn does not like to be used, undone, rewound & used again. But I was pleasantly surprised how well the Tina Tape Yarn stood up!

I am really excited for how the top turned out. It started as a rectangle that laced up in the back. Then I added some thick straps so I wouldn’t have to worry about it coming undone or being uncomfortable.odyssey designs 07-2017 wool & the gang tina tape set-49They say exercise makes you happy. I believe that making also brings happiness. Crochet has become my go to stress reliever. No matter where I am, or what is going on in the world, I know as long as I have my hook & yarn with me, I can find a little peace. Being able to use sustainable yarn, well, that makes it even better!

XOXO- Megan

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