Everyday Crochet: Peplum Tank!

Lately I’ve been wanting to make my crochet items as wearable as possible! I love designing unique pieces & funky festival outfits, but a girl needs her basics too! As soon as I saw this Wool & The Gang yarn I knew it would be the perfect stuff for a versatile summer tank! And so, the first piece in my “Everyday Crochet” collection was born!To me “Everyday Crochet” is something I can throw on & wear anywhere. Comfortable is a requirement, cute is a plus! It’s also nice if it is quick to make!

I get inspiration from different places. Sometimes I’ll fall in love with an existing or vintage style & want to make my own version. Other times, I just want to get my hands moving & see what happens. When my Shiny Happy Cotton arrived, I had no clue what to make with it. But I brought it with me while camping at Joshua Tree, in hopes inspiration would spark! Sure enough, as soon as we got back to our campsite, I had the idea to make an easy peplum top for the summer heat!

Odyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &amp

I’ve been spending a lot of time working with fine or lightweight yarns. So it was super nice to make a project with something thicker. Using double crochets, the top was done in no time! I also used a design similar to my Sustainable Set for the back which made it extra easy!

Odyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &ampOdyssey Designs Wool &amp

I hope you like my Everyday Crochet Peplum Tank! I am planing to make a few more easy basic pieces. But you can get the pattern for this one now!

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It will have the basic instructions, & give you a good idea of how I write my patterns. As well as what to expect when my Golden Years Crochet Dress pattern is released! & If you have never crocheted before, but want to give it a go! Check out my YouTube video to learn all the basic skills you’ll need! 

I can not wait for you guys to try it! Please use #ODPattern or tag me @megnboyd on any photos you share so I can see them! Happy crocheting!



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