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Hi! I am Megan & I am so excited you’re here!<3

Odyssey Designs is a place where my inspiration & creations come together! A little piece of our universe, where I share how I see & do things.

Like Alice, Harry, & Matilda I’ve always dreamed of going to another world. Of finding a place that is truly magical & abilities I didn’t know existed. After 23 years of waiting for my powers to manifest, I’ve come to realize that the closest thing to magic, is the power to create our own destiny. To take what we are given & make something beautiful in return.

My Odyssey!

Along my journey, or Odyssey if you will, I keep getting drawn to explore new places & learn new things! I hope that by sharing these experiences, it will be a bit easier for you to do the same. Simplifying the process, so you can appreciate the beauty in it!

Here you will find travel guides & re-caps from my various adventures! Everything from Backpacking Havasupai, Exploring Joshua Tree, Sustainable Living & Music Festival Tips! I tend to stick to nature, art, or music related activities. Always trying to treat every opportunity as new lesson, capture the beauty in it, & let it inspire me!
On my shop site Knot Magick you can schedule meditation & yoga classes, book astrology & tarot, or place a crochet order!

Everything you need to know for an amazing adventure in Havasupai Arizona! A guide by Odyssey Designs!

The Designs!

Which brings me to the other topic, Designs! I’ve tried a lot of hobbies, but the one that really stuck for me, is Crochet. I am always playing with new shapes & materials like Sustainable Crochet & Vintage Inspired Designs! By no means am I an expert, but that is half the fun.The Golden Years Dress, A Crochet Pattern by Odyssey Designs!

Crochet has brought so much joy to my life. It has become a form of meditation & a way for me to get into my flow state. Fueling an energized focus & involvement, while still enjoying the process of the activity. With some practice, it has also become an outlet to express myself artistically.  A way to see what magic I can create & share!Crochet Hexagon Top by Odyssey Designs!

Learn To Crochet!

If you’ve never tried to fiber arts, there is no time like the present to give it a shot. Get started with the basics on YouTube like I did. Or if you’d like to do things in person, check out my upcoming classes & workshops! I never feel more confident, then when I am wearing something I made myself.

Try My Patterns!

Sign up to be sent my FREE Peplum Top pattern! It is perfect for beginners. Or try my favorite thing to make, Dresses! My Golden Years Crochet Dress pattern is now available. With tons of photos & step by step instructions, it has everything you need to re-create your own work of art!

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The Golden Years Dress, A Crochet Pattern by Odyssey Designs!The Golden Years Dress, A Crochet Pattern by Odyssey Designs!The Golden Years Dress, A Crochet Pattern by Odyssey Designs!The Golden Years Dress, A Crochet Pattern by Odyssey Designs!

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Connecting with other makers is half the fun!
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Day after day, I am inspired by all the talented & motivated people I come across. I hope to connect & collaborate with more of you!

“And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.” -Homer

Peace & Love,
Megan Nicole Boyd

Odyssey Designs

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