Setting Goals In A New Way!

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Making A List & Checking It Twice

I’ve always loved to set goals. Making lists of places to see & things to do, has always been fun for me. A coworker even asked me to make them a Resolutions & Goals Worksheet (like actually)! But trying to organize my life in advance doesn’t always work out. I’ve come to realize that to accomplish most of my ideas, I need to do more than just write a list. I found it’s important to not only set aside time to get things done, but also schedule time to relax & enjoy the adventure!Last year, I made some resolutions. At the time they seemed practical. Stuff like: learn to knit, go on 7 trips, save money, exercise every weekday… I looked at it, as a way to keep me chasing my dreams. Steps to take, to get where I wanted to be. What I didn’t plan for… was my desires changing. Getting sick, having new ideas, & sometimes realizing that my proprieties lied elsewhere, left me feeling unnecessarily stressed. It was hard not to feel guilty I wasn’t accomplishing as much as I thought I was going to be able to.

Manifest Your Desires

I am still making resolutions for 2018. I drew up a little poster with the things I want to make time for & the opportunities I’d like to be open too. I also created a new mood board to help plan out my year.Getting Festive & Setting Goals 2018 - 2.jpg

Improving My Mood Board

Last year, I kept a mood board hanging outside my closet, whenever I was planing an outfit, or feeling uncreative with my wardrobe, I would look at it to gain inspiration. It  also helped to streamline my personal style & visualize my brand. Most of the photos were screenshots taken from Instagram & Pinterest. In order to make my it, I made an album of the shots on my phone, ordered same day prints at my local CVS, & got to gluing! Shortly after, I ended up with a huge collage of lovely images. Getting Festive & Setting Goals 2018 - 1.jpgThis year, I did it a bit differently. I still printed out a bunch of photos, but I organized it by season. Arranging it as a timeline that includes inspo from places I’ve already planed trips too & projects I have materials to make.

The focus of my resolutions are no longer what I want think I want to get done, but how I can make the most of what I already do. For 2018, I am working on setting aside time for people & activities I love most. As well as sharing what I’m passionate about, in a way that is valuable to you!img_8283

Getting Festive

The resolution I’m most excited for, is getting festive in 2018! I’ve always loved holiday’s. Growing up, I’d help my mother & grandmother’s decorate for every occasion. Valentines day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas, Little Me was really excited to one day have my very own storage boxes with decor for every season.Getting Festive & Setting Goals 2018 - 5.jpgNYE 2018 12-26-2017_-18Getting Festive & Setting Goals 2018 - 6NYE 2018 12-26-2017_-25I don’t have a place of my own just yet… but if 2017 taught me anything, it’s to start getting ready for what your want to happen & before you know it, it just might. You create the life you live. If you desire something, you have the power to turn it into a reality.

I’m happiest when I make time to decorate, dance, & get festive with friends. So I’ll be doing just that, every opportunity I get. I’m currently helping my grandma Earlene start an Etsy for her handmade decor & adorable aprons! Check out Boyd’s Goods to get your family feeling festive!

Thanks For Reading

As always, I’d love to hear what you thought of this post in the comments below. Below you will also find link’s to my outfit & curated collections of similar vintage pieces! Keep an eye out for my upcoming posts: Tricks To Knitting, A Granny Square Tutorial, & Becoming A Sustainable Consumer (Part 1 was Becoming A Sustainable Maker ).
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