Festival Prep Made Easy!

The other day I tried counting all the festivals I’ve been too. Needless to say, after 5 years of Coachellas & a myrid of other events, I lost track. After attending as many massives as I have, you develop a routine. I’ve got everything from the snacks to pack, to toiletries to bring, & items to feel at home, down to a science.

As another festival season begins, I wanted to share what I’ve learned. I pride myself on being prepared for any situation & have developed a few easy tricks to make the not so fun aspects of these events more tolerable. I believe they can help you too! To make it easy, view my  amazon shopping list or download my Packing List. In Omnia Paratus!Odyssey Designs Mysteryland-3.jpgMysteryland 2016 - 0667.jpg

Physical & Mental Preparation 

Music Get’s Me In The Mood!

Prior to each show, I like to make a playlist with the top 5-10 songs from each artist.  When I hear something I like, I add them to my lineup! During the festival, I also find it helpful to change my phones lock screen to an image of the line up. That way it is easier to check who is playing.

Find a new artist you wont want to miss with my Coachella 2018 playlist on Apple Music. Or get in the mood for Lucidity with their curated playlists on SoundCloud. Lightning in a Bottle also has playlist for each stage on Spotify.Mysteryland 2016 - 0507

Exercise & Self Care!

I think of each venue as a huge playground.  Which can get pretty physically demanding. On average, I end up dancing around 10 miles a day… So prior to any event, I try to keep a pretty regular gym schedule. Not only do I want to look my best in the outfits I’ve spent months making, but also I want to feel that way throughout the day.

In the weeks before a fest, I do a little extra self care too. Typically this includes a lash perm (extensions require to much maintenance for me), tanning, & maybe even a mani-pedi.


I love to make my own clothing & wear other unique & artistic designers. Check out my Festival Crochet post or my Guide to Coachella for more on this subject!

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Nice Day Necessities!

No party is complete without a goodie bag & I believe your festival experience should be no different. These events are long, you encounter a lot of people with varying energies, & typically the elements add an additional layer of difficulty. To keep myself in good spirits, I like to bring a few personal care items with me. Here are my nice day necessities & why I suggest bringing them along on your journey!

  • Chap Stick – Duh. If your into color, I’d pack something tinted!
  • Tissue Packs – The restroom situation can be pretty unpredictable. So come prepared to pee in that port-a-potty with your own TP.
  • Hand Sanitizer – See above ^ I love the Lavender Dr. Bronner’s one also available at Sprouts!
  • Peppermint Essential Oil Roller Ball – Consider this a pocket air conditioner. Pretty sure it has literally saved my life before. As the day heats up, sparingly spread some oil on the back of your neck & on any sore muscles. As soon as the air hits the oil, you’ll start to feel a cooling & calming sensation that can last around 30 minuets. If your unfamiliar with essential oils, they can purchase them at most health food stores. (or just find me, I love to share it!)
  • Fan – A small folding fan is not only a great dance accessory, but it also helps to keep you cool! Especially if you put some of the peppermint oil on it.
  • Rose Water – Used by the Romans & Cleopatra, rose water is said to deepen our connection to Venus, the goddess of love. I like to mist my face, whenever I need a little pick me up!
  • Palo Santo – Lets face it, not every moment will be filled with joy & laughter. I like bringing a stick of pal santo to burn when somethings got my group down. Providing an uplifting scent, it’s known to raise your vibrations & deepen connections. It creates a pleasant smoke, that keeps bugs & bad juju away. You can also find it in a spray.
  • Dust Bandanna – Because I will cough for weeks from inhaling dirt without one.
  • Collapsible Water BottleHydration, hydration, hydration! The human body is 60% water. Lets keep it that way. I prefer a bottle that can fold with a carabiner to hook onto my bag when full.
  • Snacks – Trail Mix, Energy Chews, Grapes, Cacao Nibs, & protein bars!
  • Bamboo To-Go Utensils & Eco-Lunch box – To make your festival more eco-friendly!
  • Portable Charger
  • Fresh pack of Gum & CigarettesSome venues won’t let you bring in an open pack, so if you need gum or stoges, bring an unopened one to share. 
  • SunglassesObviously.
  • Sweatshirt / Change of ClothesTypically the temp drops as soon as the sun goes down, & I really don’t enjoy being cold. So for long days, I pack a comfortable change of clothes I can dance in all night.Mysteryland 2016 - 0669Mysteryland 2016 - 0640Mysteryland 2016 - 0678.jpg

Fun, Games, & Flow Toys!

Depending on the event, I may bring a “toy”  into the venue. It’s not every day a grown adult can run around twirling a ribbon… so I like to take advantage of that. You’ll find some people are masters at Flow Arts. Friends of mine attend meet ups & retreats to better their skills. I however tend to hit myself in the face whenever I try Poi, so for now I’m sticking to ribbons & bubbles.

  • Dancing Ribbon My go to toy. It is small, easy to pack & even easier to use.
  • Fiber Optic whipThe fancy light up version of a dancing ribbon.
  • Kinetic Flow Spring Ring – Fun for dancing & to pass back & forth with a friend.
  • LED GlovesThey keep you warm & allow you to put on a show!
  • Kaleidoscope & Diffraction GlassesThese make the lights more interesting.
  • PoiCoolest thing ever to watch, A great option for those with coordination.
  • Hula Hoops Pro tip, while learning put glow sticks inside a normal hoop for a more affordable option.
  • Glow Sticks & JewelryNot really the most eco-friendly option.
  • BubblesWho doesn’t like bubbles (until you get sticky & need your hand sanitizer anyway)!
  • ParachuteOne of my favorite festival memories is dancing under a HUGE parachute someone brought into Coachella 2016.Mysteryland 2016 - 0653Mysteryland 2016 - 0643Mysteryland 2016 - 0644

For Your Home Base!

These are things to make your home base, a bit more comfortable. Stuff I believe, aids in recovery & helps you to feel your best all weekend. Descriptions included for the not so self explanatory items.

See You On The Dance Floor!

I hope this help make your festival season even better! My complete shopping bag & Packing List are linked for added ease! For more festival tips, tricks, & life lessons check out my Guides To Coachella: Stages & Environment, Packing & Accommodations, & other festival blogs. (Photos from my first out of state festival, Mysterland in Bethel Woods, NY)

Peace & Love,
Megan Nicole BoydMysteryland 2016 - 0619

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