How the Moon Found the Sun & Became Best Buddies!

Going to a festival alone used to make me really anxious. I would worry that I wouldn’t be able to find my friends. Or I’d end up solo at my favorite sets, without anyone to dance with. But after attending a few of these events on my own, I’ve come to prefer independent adventures, to those with a large group. Now to be totally transparent, I’m not by myself all weekend long. I met up with friends! Or if I’m feeling social, make new ones!

I’ve come to realize that some people are much better at finding friends than others. But I’m hoping this post will help change that! Because I am sick of wondering if youre lost… or on a different path. So, without further ado, 8 tips to help you find your friends at a festival!Coachella 20180415-88Title-Know What's ImportantFirst things first, you’ve got to know you! who ya wanna, whatcha wanna do. What are you excited for? Which artists will you not miss? Any classes or workshops you want to try? These are all things I try to determine before the event. That way, I can share my top priorities with friends before the festival & see what we have in common!Title- Devise A PlanIf luck is on your side, you may be able to text friends. But for the love of all that is holy,  please include when, where, & for who, in your messages! Keep an eye out for things that mark your location or bring your own! If you are trying to find friends for a set, designating a meeting spot & time near the stage keeps things efficient. Also, once you’ve determined a location, you know where to look in the future.Title- The More You KnowFamiliarizing yourself with the venue makes everything easier. Info Booths are a great resource. Typically, I grab a schedule & ask any questions that still have me stumped. Learning the names of each stage & art installation makes communicating with other festival goers easier too. & if you’re having trouble finding one, the staff will be able to help. I’ve found them to be a good meeting place too because they are usually well marked.Artboard- Finding Your Friends 1.jpgCoachella 20180415-91.JPGTitle- Use Your IntuitionLooking for a friend, but unsure where they may be? This is when I let me intuition take control. The simplest way I can describe it is to try thinking like the person you are looking for. Who would they want to see & what part of the stage do they tend to prefer… Is usually where I start. But even paying attention to the environment, noticing things that may have caught their attention, or perhaps smells & spaces they would avoid, have helped me to locate my friends when I had nothing else to rely on.Title- Follow The SignsWhich brings me to next tip, follow the signs. & This one I mean literally. Totems, aka images on poles, are a great way to keep your group together. You can’t miss them. Sometimes they are silly, or random, & occasionally they have gum or other candy attached. But instead of using them to keep my group together, I like to let them guide me to new people & places. Chances are, if you’re walking around with a huge poster, referencing my favorite childhood movie, we probably have other things in common. I’ve also noticed that the totems I relate most to, end up scarred in the crowd at my favorite sets. So now, if I see a cool totem & don’t know where I’m headed, I’ll follow the sign & see where it leads me.Festival Friends Artboard 1-4_Coachella 20180415-110Coachella 20180415-97Title- Let The Wind Take YouDo you ever feel like a plastic bag, Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Now I dont know Katy Perry, but she makes a good point. Sometimes the nicest thing to do, is go with the flow & let the wind take you where it may. Getting away from the crowds & exploring other parts of the venue is always a good change of pace & has led to many exciting adventures!Title- Leave A MessageSnail mail & carrier pigeons may be a thing of the past, but even without reception there are countless creative ways to leave a message for your friends! So don’t fret about forgetting post-its. I’ve seen all sorts of things used to make notes. Ever used your finger to write on a dirty car? Well guess what, festivals are full of them! Try writing a message on the window for your friends to find when they return to camp.Title- Stay ConnectedI give out my number so often I made a song… seriously. The idea was that it would make things faster. I also like them because it’s an easy way to see who actually wants to keep in contact! If I am using my phone tho, I put an emoji, event & sometimes the artist we met at. That way it is easy to remember & search for them later. I also ask them to text me their full name & the artist they are most looking forward too, so I know where to look for them later! _Coachella 20180415-82.jpgCoachella 20180415-54.JPGArtboard- Finding Your Friends 2.jpgTitle- Festival FashionWith Corina Alulquoy Brown of Wild & Free Jewelry who I met at a Festival!


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★★★ Coachella 20180415-47.jpgTitle- The Adventure Continues-Black-2I hope these tips help to bring peace & clarity to your festive season! My complete Shopping Bag, Packing List & Festival Prep posts make planing a breeze. Or for more tips, tricks, & life lessons check out my other festival blogs.

Peace & Love,
Megan Nicole Boyd

Odyssey Designs

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