It’s My Birthday & I’ll Cry If I Want To

Its one of them nights you feel like getting down?

put on your Boogie Woogie Dancin’ Shoes & Let’s Walk this Way.

I admit it , I’m really a dreamer
And I’m reachin’ for a star too high up there for hangin’ on

I heard Paris Hilton wants to be the first DJ in space. I’m into astrology.

whatever it takes to be where you are i guess,

Now watch me whip, I’m here to teach. Packed the Goodie Bags myself!

Know where mines at 24/7.

LIB 2018_05_29_14_52_570001 0004why?

Well, every catch phrase I remember, helped me figure my shit out. Classify it as Savvy.

Ya can’t always get what you want

But I know when i try it, Are you on track? I all the way up!

Does being a Girl of the 21st Century mean anything to you? I did Girl Scouts too, so I can help.

now, Pick a color!

Red or Green? Well, vice versa.

Tell it to my heart 

Do ya wanna funk? 


Circle Circle Dot Dot, I’ve got my cooties shot

What goes around comes around, 

…murky waters

I’m wading….

Where can you be found?

Someone phrase it, in a way I can hear, prop-prop-properly.

it only takes a minute girl,

Take Two!

LIB 2018_05_29_14_54_210001_017.jpg

That’s Hot!

LIB 2018_05_29_14_54_210001_019

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?

Lets start at the very beginning! A very good place to start,

just a l👂🏻ttle bit, misunderstood.

Sloooow your roll! Can you smell that?

shits about to hit the fan.

Look for the signs, it aint a crime

step on a crack, break your mother’s back

here’s a token of my appreciation,

for next time

Check your frame of reference & we’re movin on up!

Do the hustle!LIB 2018_05_29_14_54_210001_013.jpg

I spy… with my little eye…

that sounds familiar, but, IDK the words too every song.

shits hard.

“Can you take a Polariod picture?”


Push the big red button please

<does not compute>

shakes it like a Polariod picture…

<results in extra noise & blurriness>

“Don’t shake it!”

…perceiving The look of “HUH” in their eyes.

Sh Sh Sh Shake it Sh Sh Sh Shake it like a Polariod picture… 

It’s a lie! – FALSE

doesn’t mean you’re right…

Know Origin? Can you verify it? Gage? Ballast Point!

Oh hiii, there you are again!

How things lookin?

Straight up!?

now tell me…
or are you just havin’ fun

Best believe i’m number 1!

…have I dropped my marbles?

Did we get off on the wrong foot?

Needless to say, I’m into mazes, you’ll find me tangled quite quickly, & I’m pretty darn good, at weaseling my way out of things. A drift in the ocean is all I needed to feel like me again. Can you dig it?

Literally, the only thing still running on empty, my voice.

Snap! Crackle! & Pop!

Help me finish that thought….

When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

<everyone will want it>

This is a Repeat Song

 Temperature rising okay lets go to the next level

Pack up get started walking
Fall back now on your losses
You can’t accomplish
But you won’t defeat no contest baby

I’ve got uh Golden Ticket! Do you know how to fix it?

but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

A circle is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
I want to be your friend.

I’m your boogie man that’s what I am 
I’m here to do whatever I can

LIB 2018_05_29_14_54_210001_021.jpg

Quid Nomen Tibi Est?

LOST in confusion, disillusion

somewhere between

Learning the right way to say exactly what you mean

as precisely as possible

& knowing the right answer to finish each others sentences.

Is this Killing it??

LIB 2018_05_29_14_54_210001_027

Home at last! & I’ve got what I need

The last word that made me squill like a little kid, l👀k at her TOOl”.

You betcha I got a good hook!

See ya next year?

When & Where

<Cue Jackson 5>

TRUST- It Worked!

PLEASE. Thank you!

Shits & Giggles
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  1. Read once or a bunch! You’ll get something new with each read through now you got my rhyming too. <3 you

  2. Wild thoughts, interesting and thought provoking…..just wonder what stimulated the thoughts signed,
    Mini nomen Est James

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