My name is Megan, want to know more? Listen to Studio 54

oh, hey there guys, it’s me again. I figured I should start talking in a tone you’re more used to hearing from me. Ya know, that kinda bossy, tell it like it is, not quite Posh but for sure a Spice Girl… one! The best way I can put it, Savvy. That’s my tone of voice. Or at least the best word I know to describe it currently. If you like it, cool you’re in the right place. Now this is how the F♥CK, I got here.

As predicted, I had a UHmazing time at Lightning In A Bottle. It was an overwhelming accumulation of good things. Creating an endless cycle of joy & bewilderment, all in the best possible way! I got so swept up in the experience, I am sad to admit I don’t have as many photographs as I would like to detail my adventure. <disappointed megan> But as quickly as I tried to gather my composure, I embarked on a new journey & I flew to New York City for a little R&R. (Those letters stand for Reconnecting Rejuvination for the context of my story). Now lets get back to this years Life Lessons from Lightning In A Bottle!

Please excuse the lack of geographically relevant pictures, I believe series of images included should convey my point real good like. NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 6

Quite a few songs keep ringing in my head. Since lists help me keep track of things, I decided to create one you can play containing all the tunes that resonated with me this season. If you care to listen along, you can find my Gem 💎 Playlist on Apple Music or check out a portion of it on Spotify. Shazam is without a doubt a magic word. What’s this next one remind you of?

All the small things
True care truth brings…
Always I know
You’ll be at my show
Watching, waiting, commiserating

S didn’t know what that word meant. Growing up I believed it to stand for taking photos. Commemorate is what I was truly thinking of. My main man Merriam Webster taught me that, though the real person was actually named Noah. Like the Arc!

Now that we’ve got that one sorted out… Hurrah, Hooray! Lets all be Happy & Gay!

NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-38
That’s Hot.
LIB & NYC coming Full Circle

Title- You Just Call On Mewhen you need a hand, lets do it for the gram.

WoW is me. Living Wild & Free!

Corinaaa?? Where are you!? My creme de la creme. I’m In Search of Sadie to help me feel alive again…

A couple of my friends were discussing people watching at the event. They told a story of admiring a pair of ladies all dressed up, Pretty In Pink! They were mesmerized by their Rosy Glow. But when one friend asked the other if she liked the color Pink, instantly she rebuked “God No!” – To which we all chuckled.

Sometimes pink is the perfect color. I sure was keeping my eye out for some! It may not be my favorite shade… But it’s one I can trust enough to distinguish from one nearly like it (that italicized part is the definition of shade). Because another fact I’m confident in:

For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need
Somebody to lean on

I believe good friends extend us a kindness that assists in making sense of who we are. Now all I ask in return..

Please swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you won’t let show

Central Park NYC

Title- Hey Upper EastTraveling to New York, seemed like the perfect place to collect my marbles & galvanize my thoughts. Never before had I taken a Red Eye, but the term alone exited me. The color Red has a way of starting a fire in my soul.

With much ado about nothing, I had a feeling I would be up for an interesting trip. Prior to LIB, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts Cosmic Cousins. He just so happened to be interviewing a New Yorker, Cosmo Writer & Gemini. <Little Me loved that magazine.> Naturally, I dm’ed the interviewee asking for any clues where the good times were at. I never really got a direct answer, but then again I myself had a vague question.

She’s so lucky, she’s a star… 

Suddenly, I found myself in the middle of the most divine universal moment. A Proposal!  & this time, I was ready to be of service. Camera in hand! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE plans? What an honor it was meeting & capturing Bohdan & Charlie. Mr. Barley’s little Gem tattoo felt like the cherry on top. Reinforcing that all you need, to be in the right place at the right time, is to see & appreciate what is there before your eyes. Que the harpsichord!

Now that’s a dish best served to be shared.

NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-263

Rewind to Arriving at LIB

Title- Welcome To The Land of OzAs soon as I parked my car, the first words I heard were “Oh Megan! There you are! Hi!” It was my friend Corina washing out her reusable copper cup. She had set up camp just a couple yards down from the best parking spot left in existence. Ode To Joy! Arriving late, solo, & with iffy cell service, my only concern was locating my friends’ campsites & deciding where to pitch my tent. Stressor Numero Uno, relieved! I was a bit worried my previous post How to Find Your Friends At A Festival would jinks me, but the odds were in my favor after all. Perhaps that, or following the path of least resistance, & a combination of re-tracing our steps created the perfect outcome.

All weekend, people asked how I ended up there… the truth is I just kept trying & didn’t give up. Literally. More than anything I wanted to teach a workshop at this years festival. But I could not find the correct contact anywhere. So, I began to make them up! One email bounced back & I would send another… eventually, It Worked!NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 2-208

The Art of Self Discovery

Title- It Takes TwoI’m a Creature of Habit, everything has its place in my ArtClave.  I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I know how everything in my life ended up there. It’s unnecessary to carry around two tools for the same task. I make do with just a dependable one. Even so, I can create a lot, with the hands I got. After all, they chose me to come here & teach my way…

or another, I’m gonna see ya
I’m gonna meet ya meet ya meet ya meet ya
One day, maybe next week
I’m gonna meet ya, I’m gonna meet ya, I’ll meet ya

I admit, most of my Fest Stress stemmed from going without my <then> man.  As much as I told myself I could go it alone, It did not make me feel all warm & fuzzy when he didn’t want to be apart of it with me.

Knowing I would be teaching, my deepest desire was to have someone attend my class, who was familiar with my style. A sidekick to pick up on the details I may overlook. Ya know, my metronome! Helping me stick to the beat of my own drum. In case my last post was riddled with confusion, I’ll say it one more time. It’s not easy to find someone who can finish your sentences correctly or take my candid for a change.

Vivere Est Militar (To live is to fight). This terse sentiment paralleled my attitude. Without reinforcements, I was lacking in clarity.  But luckily the Stoics also taught this Classics Major that clearheadedness is a vital part of any campaign.

With some Capricorn Encouragement, I bought myself the best tool I could think of, A journal. Since then, my Mystic Fables notebook has never been out of reach.

Language has always been one of my passions. Spellings just sounds that go in one ear & out the other… But writing, even nonsense, has become a creative channel for me. Helping to release some nervous energy & crank up my confidence levels. Sh8ts hard. <at least the healthy ones anyway>

Especially when you attract a lot of attention.

Which brings me to my next obstacle.

& If you’re thinking this post is long, I logged a whole marathon on just Saturday alone…

NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 2-244

LIB Night 1 Dazed and Confused

Title- Uncharted WatersI was second guessing my every move the first night of the festival. Fending for myself, I was already exhausted from explaining every phrase I said & over feeling like the only way people would listen to what I meant was by raising my voice.

I spent what seemed like eternity getting up the courage to leave my tent. Never had a felt so alone. Eventually a stranger heard familiar cries & jumped inside. Startling, yes! But we quickly got to chatting & this Cancer Chick kindly helped to eradicate any self-doubt I had left, still keeping me from spreading into surrounding areas. <I wish I could make up her email & say thank you!>

Feeling like myself, but unsure what the night had in store, I did not want to take anything valuable with me. However, the one accessory I wore out… my sleeping mask! Knowing their necessity, I came prepared with extras, cuz this girl likes to dream… All night, everyone kept pointing at it, bamboozled. For me, it was the simplest way to express that I’m not here to l👀k at you, I just want to chill out & dance! As soon as I slide the mask down over my eyes, I could hear the music again… &


I9! You guessed it, the highlight of my night was hanging out with all the Disco Divas inside the Learning Kitchen. Busting beats, trying twerk offs & chatting with new Gemini Twin Friends. <3

10/4. Rodger That. Thanks for checkin in!

LIB Day 2 Building A Foundation

Title- A Rose By Any OtherI like people who can help me turn the channel to a station I like, f♥ck the bullsh★t, we work hard, Lets Bogggie.

That song actually, came on as I was writing & it fit perfectly. I like the sound of that word. Puurrrfectly. Id say its prettty close to describing Meow! Or at least what I’m aiming for. SIMPLE, that’s another word for it in my mind. Basic too.

Ayy, time is extremely valuable

Ye! Which led me to the next hard decision of the weekend. What to wear… My ultimate-never-ending-debacle. I treat my wardrobe as an instrument for change. That first night was a doozy, all I wanted was to feel cheerier. So the first thing I put on my skin, one of my primary colors, Yellow, aka happiness.

I woke up feeling like a Basic Ass Btch! Not the prettiest phrase I know. But I didn’t need to l👀k in a mirror to describe it. A friend of mine said she didn’t like those words. Which made me think…

U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no aliby. you UGLY. ya ya you ugly.

At first it kinda hurt my feelings. Why did My Words make her feel that way? That was not what I Meant…

Confusion scares the living shit out of me, So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose, Maybe they’ll leave you alone… but not me

NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-390NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 6-7NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-379Thankfully, she’s a good friend! & as soon as she explained I started to feel a bit better!

“Let’s groove tonight
Share the spice of life
Baby slice it right
We’re gonna groove tonight”

Next we had some time to kill (patience remember)

Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away

So I decided to focus on me, with a capital M. But how could I describe Myself more effortlessly, to the many strangers I might encounter, in need. You know, the ones that sound a little creeeepyy & go BUMB in the night.

I wasn’t trying to fit in, I was just there to dance, not get interviewed.NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-393NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-395

NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 2-5

LIB Day 2 Morning Stretch

Title- Now That's A HorseIt was time I put my hook to good use. So I t👀k a seat where I could hear the partner class at Lunar Yoga. There I remained listening & crocheting a red scrunchie. Having sat down long enough to take a breath & collect my thoughts. I was feeling more like myself. Ready to find deeper meaning…

I told Natascha & Corina that the only way I could muster up the courage to share more of myself with another new person, would be if they noticed the one tiny detail wrapped around my wrist, subtly instilling me with tiny doses of pride. My red scrunchie. Random & Abstract. But my moat was feeling bottomless, so I developed another rule for my kingdom.

After a while crocodile, I began to feel unbalanced. I’ve always had to g👀gle the difference between crocks & gators… So I added another accessory. Got to keep my senses sharp! It was my blue evil eye bracelet. A Memento I picked up while shopping for my first camera many moons ago… Warding off Curl Intentions, adding it to my ensemble created a Ballast to keep my bearings straight.  What helps you spot an Evil Eye?

Just because someone can scream your name, doesn’t mean you own them anything.
That’s been hard for me to come to terms with. It makes me feel bad. Or sad. But I think I belong somewhere in the In-between. Because I set Clear Boundaries & I really appreciate Common Decency, not trying to be mean.NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 2-160

LIB Day 2 In The Middle

Title- If You Ain't RunninBasically (there I go again!) mid afternoon, I was walking back & forth between my friends campsites, still a tad unsure if I l👀ked right & was ready to move about my business. When some girl screams out MY name!


she sounded EXCITED! YaY! I turn around, <ahh someone I haven’t seen in a while! & they recognized me!>

“Hey Autumn, How are you!?”

my old friend. How wonderful to s👀 you again. You’re my favorite season! L👀k for me later & we can do some cheese in! 📸NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 2-469

YOTTO 6:00PM Woogie!

Title- DId You KnowMy bestie, I call her Sexy Lexy <she knows just the tune of it>. Said I have a new spirit animal Saturday night. Supposedly, I’m a Totem! & She is a Taurus too. Well, fancy that!

I had decided to put on my LOUD coat that night. I recommend you pick one for yourself!

Now if I had to hold a sign up in the air, like a Totem <Pole> for you to come find me at. What would it say? That was a question I kept asking myself all weekend. <Next year I may even try to set up a booth & help others figure theirs out.>

For me, that poster would read:

TRUST! <& the flip side> It Worked!

ABRACADABRA! I create what I speak. Just like that.

Snap ya fingers! Do ya step!
I can do it all by My self!

I think I have expanded my definition of magic! Did I mention the first tarot card I ever drew was The Magician!

Now let me rephrase again…

NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-60.jpgNEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-82SICK! Is that a word you know? Describe it to me, what’s it sound like, tell me more…

The better I understand you, the quicker I can help you get to where you need to be. Same is true for me. What do I mean?

ya cant always get what ya want, but if you try some times ya get what ya need


Relax, don’t do it, when you want to, go do it
Relax, don’t do it, when you want to cum

ewww that sounded dirty… I didn’t mean for it to. That’s just the song that popped in my head next. I liked the sound of it. So I decided to give it & try & see where it may lead… hehe

Thanks for letting me explain.NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 6-6NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 1-178 Okay. Another thing! I’m thinking of renaming the blog category “sustainability & wellness” to SOUL. Actually, Soul & Spice! Doesn’t sound nice? I think it just rolls of the tongue! & it’s great to say just for fun! [notice the change?]NEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 6-8

At this point, I'm just trying to make mine.

Title- The Key On Everyones RingConfidence. Now that’s something that is hard to find. Even though I’ve been describing mine this whole time. Like everything worth having, self-esteem comes from within. But I do struggle with it every now & again. Some people come off as cocky & that’s okay too. But if you’re still reading this, (aka you can still s👀 what my lips do)

“no mater where you are, where your from, as long as your there” 

you have to respect my F♥CKING BOUNDARIES. I built them myself & everyday I’m looking for ways to improve upon my creation.

As craftsman Frank Lloyd Wright would say: Without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization. 

Still Stumped? Don’t get your panties in a twist!

Class starts at 10:00am on Sunday. I’m calling it, Crochet Your Way to Happiness. Plan was to meet before at the CREATE sign. Because I’m REALLY into signs. But it has got to stand for something or you could fall for anything.

Now what did it really teach me? Patience or as my mother would rephrase it, PAY-ATTENTION (she’s a Gemini). Through dedication & hard work, you can create your own beautiful Masterpiece.  I may be an “indecisive little girl” after all, but this Lady knows just who to call…

If you’re feeling sad and blue
Come on and dance with me
I can make your dreams come true

Girl of the 21st Century. & Boy, have I’ve got something special for you! Coming out in the next week or two. Stay near,
I will be releasing a new pattern for the longest day of the year!

Untill then, one of my favorite ways to pass time…
Find my cornerstones, build a frame with the edges, & organize the rest by color. Eventually, every detail begins to fit together cohesively. Are my words creating a picture for you? I was talking about a puzzle just then! & life. Metaphor would be the term for it. One that starts with an M, just like Me.

 All I ask, is that you let me know, what you took away from this post! I can’t sleep without a little just deserts. 

That’s all folks!

Now get your hooks ready, A SOLSTICE IS COMING. & it’s wet kind 🌊 So…Title- Save The DateNEW YORK BOYD 2018 GEM pt. 6-14

★★★Title- Second Skin Styling

Shakespeare Top from Reformation

Vintage Levi’s from Prism Boutique 



Peace & Love,
Megan Nicole Boyd

Odyssey Designs

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