Fellin’ Blue? Crochet Your Way To Happiness!

Title- Crochet Your WayThere is definitely something sacred about the names we are given. The titles we select for ourselves can be pretty weighted too. You may be familiar with the old adage sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Little-me sure used that one as a comeback on the playground. But it took me years to realize, that although language may not physically cause damage, the words in my head have a profound effect on the person I am.

When I began to think of what I wanted my crochet class to be like, I knew I needed to catch peoples attention. Let’s face it, crochet doesn’t really sound like the sexiest hobby. But it’s kept me lookin’ fine! So the label I slapped on it, Crochet Your Way To Happiness. At first, I struggled to accept that my words could imply I wasn’t happy to being with. But over thinking, rarely leads to progress. Making moves however… gets me to my next subject. What went down at the workshop.Feelin' Blue Featured Down -Artboard 111.jpgTitle- Cheesy Does ItPictures are pretty important in this context, so it was no surprise I landed on a cheesy title. Cliche, maybe. But as my dad says, everybody likes what everybody likes. When did it get so popular to beat yourself up about it? I thought bullying wasn’t allowed in school. It must lead to Detention… Another a time suck. But don’t despair, I’m here to detail my methods.

When you read you begin with ABC
When you sing you begin with Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi
The first three notes just happen to be Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi

[This is a repeat song]
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Te

[Follow along, or you might make it wrong]

Honestly though, beside from failing to take a yearbook photo, I regret missing the opportunity to begin class with a song. Why may you ask, did I find it important? Well, I have a hard time reading minds. At least this way, everyone would have the same words stuck in our heads! Plus the first time I walked into a yarn store, everyone seemed sooo uptight. Which isn’t always good when it comes to stitches. My hope was that singing together would loosen the vibe up & help everyone turn to the same page in their hymnals. Download your Crochet Your Way To Happiness Pamphlet to follow along.

Today we will be singing:

Insert Hook
Get Yarn
Bring Through
Yarn Over
Towards You
Pull Through Two!
Begin again,

Feelin' Blue Featured Down -Artboard 12.jpgOdyssey Designs Feelin Blue Crochet Dress Coachella-11.jpgFeelin' Blue Featured -Artboard 1.jpgTitle- Clean UpI had been told to prepare for around 50 people. A challenge I was up for but, blown away by. Thankfully, I’m an air sign. & Never before have I felt closer to flying than when I was buzzing around, table to table assisting new crocheters.

I struggle to understand what I can’t see, so to help my students wrap their head around things, I came prepared with a huge instrument. A 60mm crochet hook. I just about squealed with excitement when I heard someone a say “look at her tool”!

As I demonstrated how to start crocheting, I began to notice several students pick it up quite quickly & encouraged them to help lead the way. Relieved reinforcements were slowly rolling in, I was able to outline my Rules for Recovery. Why recovery? Well I’ve gotten tangled up in a few sticky situations during the course of my life. But the beauty of crochet, it’s pretty easy to tell where your strings have gone array & even simpler to start over. You just have to make the conscious choice if it’s worth your time to rectify the current situation. Odyssey Designs 20180506 Festival Crochet Collection-625Feelin' Blue Featured Down -Artboard 2.jpgOdyssey Designs 20180506 Festival Crochet Collection-777Title- The Humpty DanceI hate useless things. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, why are you letting it clutter up your life? Sounds messy to me! Which just so happens to be the state I found myself in Sunday morning before class began.

All right!
Stop whatcha doin’
‘Cause I’m about to ruin
The image and the style that ya used to
It’s kinda funny
But they call me Miss. Honey, see
So yo world I hope you’re ready for me
Now gather round
I brought a new tool to town
And my sound’s laid down by the Underground
Courtesy of Persephone & Hades himself
So just let me introduce myself
My name is Wendy, pronounced real Friendly
Yo ladies, oh how I like to teach thee

I got a little carried away there, but it just made sense. & When someone asked what we were making today, so did Washcloths. Having fallen apart earlier that weekend I was vividly aware that, All the king’s horses & all the king’s men couldn’t put me back together again. That was something I’d have to achieve on my own.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime

When complimented in one of my designs, saying “I made it myself” has become an auto response. Not because I want the credit, but because I want the other person to know it’s possible. Heck, preferable to make something for yourself. You can bet it won’t be perfect. But it’ll be authentically you & I’m a firm believer there is nothing more meaningful.Feelin' Blue Featured Down -Artboard 12-1.jpgOdyssey Designs 20180506 Festival Crochet Collection-682Title- Feelin' Blue Try What I DoWithout further ado, here is a new crochet dress pattern for you. Cuz if your Feelin’ Blue, try what I do, & Crochet Your Way To Happiness!

The design was built with functionality & easy in mind. As countless events drew near, I wanted something I wouldn’t lose my mind making, yet wow-able to wear! So after a few failed swatches, my Feelin’ Blue Crochet Dress was born.

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time reflecting on the role color plays in our lives. What makes us attracted to something & more importantly, how do certain tones make us feel. I’ve always been fond of blue, but it can get a bad Wrap. Even though it’s totally the coolest color out there! It’s my go to when I need to feel a bit more calm & collected. With so many shades, & it’s own music genre… there is certainly more than meets the eye with this shade. I’d go so far as to say it’s the color of sound.Title- Splish SplashReady to take a deep dive into my favorite past time? The downloadable PDF pattern comes complete with row by row instructions & a chart for all you visual learners. Using a combination of double crochet & chains, this easy-intermediate pattern is one any crocheter can tackle. You’ll find directions for every stitch you’ll need in my Crochet Basics Tutorial. I also offer private lessons & teach Crochet Workshops if you’d like further instruction!

The Feelin’ Blue Dress Crochet Pattern is now available on Etsy. I recommend using HiKoo CoBaSi Plus yarn for this project, but the pattern includes adjustments for other materials.Title- Color Me ImpressedI was blown away by the support at my LIB Crochet Your Way To Happiness workshop. To those in attendance, I want to thank you for open & eager attitudes. You filled my heart to the brim. It has been wonderful seeing some of my passion bubble over to you.

Continue to make from your heart & not your mind. Everything will turn out fine!

Every day may not be good, but with crochet you can make the best of every moment.Feelin' Blue Featured Down -Artboard 111-1.jpg Coachella 20180414-1-334.jpgOdyssey Designs Feelin Blue Crochet Dress Coachella-5Title- You Are Invited!Hang out with the cool kids in the Odyssey Designs Community. Join the Facebook group & jump feet first into the world of crochet. Share photos of your projects, participate in Q&A’s, & connect with other creatives! Learn what making is like from friends all around the globe.

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. 

Make your work seen on social media by using #FeelinBlueNoMore #ODPattern & tag @Odyssey_Designs or @megnboyd. I look forward to seeing what color you choose to light up your life!

Peace & Love,
MNB ~ Lucilla Feelin' Blue Featured Down -Artboard 12-2.jpg★★★

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