Getting Knotty at Dirtybird Campout

TITLE DBC 2018spaceThe last few months flew by in the blink of an eye. Zipping from each turn & embracing the drop, I’ve been riding through life’s opportunities as if I’m on a roller coaster. Honoring what comes up & taking a breath to give each moment my best.

With practice comes patience. Crochet has taught me the dedication it takes chase your dreams. Knowing that you’ve got to keep going. Even when you have no idea what’s in store at the end.
Just shoot for the stars & adjust your aim, till you land some place you fit in. Teal GhostWebYou never know how you’re going to be received, so always live authentically. Sadly, people can be judgey. Their opinions & energy are loud. I do my best to act like it doesn’t phase me, but you grow more from trying to understand reality.
Familiar, triggering, or intimidating, we never actually see what’s under the surface. But here is one trick I’ve learned to go with the flow!

It’s cool to feel the elephant in the room. But did you notice it’s trunk? Because it should be pointing up for good luck!
Essentially, intuition, reading energy & pattern recognition, are tools our bodies develop to protect ourselves. Synchronicities are clues to sharpen our senses & alert us to a bigger picture.0boy844_0boy844-R1-E005WebAt Dirtybird Campout, I let them lead the way. Well actually, that was sorta my job. But this story is more about what the event taught me.
I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to organize Arts & Crafts. HUGE thank you to the Dirtybird community for seeing the value I have to bring & giving me a chance to do my thing!

Here’s a little behind the scenes of what this experience meant to me!
Special thanks to Commissary!!0boy844_0boy844-R1-E007.jpg2018_10_10_09_59_160029.jpgTITLE DBC 2018signsOther than the banging beats & obvious good time, there were a few reasons I wanted to be apart of Campout… but the bit that really got me, the theme!
I’ve surly said this before, but I was in Girl Scouts, till you couldn’t be in Girl Scouts anymore. Cookies, camp songs, & sleeping in tents? You bet I’ll Try-it! Heck, after teaching how to Crochet at Lightning in A Bottle & Lucidity Festival, I was ready to offer more. But careful what you wish for…

Not yet done dwelling on the past, at first it urked me
my next point of contact’s name had a familiar ring. I overlooked my associations & took this as an opportunity to Level Up! If there was anything studying the stars had taught me, it was to work with reoccurring themes. Turned out we got along swimmingly & Kim (also my mom’s name) would be there to oversee things.

“He is a man like any other… he will become what he will become, out of the force of his person and the accident of his fate.” (92363BC)2018_10_10_09_59_160031

Early Arival 2018

TITLE DBC 2018momFeeling right at home once I made it to Modesto, my basic duties included management of supplies, wording the signs, & keeping activities on time. But personally, I was excited to see what everyone’s vibes would be. Would I meet anyone into photography or perhaps astrology… Obviously they liked the same music as me. What might other similarities be?

Pitching my tent in the Creative Programming section, my situation was not without a few frustrations. Friday would be my best friend Alli’s birthday & I was quite bumbed about our separation. Luckily, the universe had something else in store for me.

A few new friends, two named Paige, & one with the same birthday as Alli! Showing me that there will always be something to celebrate.
Surly, I’m a sucker for Solar Returns, but that wasn’t the only message I was there to learn.WebAt Splash House, I met a photographer I let drive me crazy. He was kinda cute & I thought he was into me too. But he never ended up wanting to shoot… I got SO confused. With synchronicities a plenty, I found it real funny the two photographers in our group BOTH had the same name as that other dude.

I remember telling Kayla it must be a sign, I didn’t fully get the message at the time.
But she was able to guess mine!0boy844_0boy844-R1-E021.jpgTITLE DBC 2018creative I was stoked to be surrounded by the cool chicks camping in Creative Programming & went right to work settling in.  Kayla, who was there to share her yoga practice, seemed to be on my schedule too.

“Are you a Capricorn Moon?”  She asked

<my insides were screaming with excitement>

“Why yes, no ones ever asked me that before. How could you tell… ” I replied

A fellow Capricorn moon, she could see there was something familiar about me that reminded Kayla of herself. So the two of us went back our business, prepin’ for the days ahead.
If you’re not quite in the know.. here’s how I would describe the energy she was able to recognize. 2018_10_10_09_59_160009My moooooon sign, err well, subconscious “emotional side” – if you can get past the Resting B*tch Face it took me 24 years to learn I have…

is C-A-P-R-I-C-O-R-N.

& like the syrup,  not everyone’s metabolisms can keep up. 

What does that mean to the people who know me? or for others with Cap Moon’s orbiting their social circles…

“Yes.” I’ll try harder than you know & do my best to be gracious.
All thanks, in large part, to the amount of WORK I’ve put in to crafting me. Because i’m always trying to be better, my best!
Ya feel? Cuz I don’t like shaking hands. 👊

Known for being CEO of the zodiac, Capricorn energy loves to take responsibility! & YUP we were both in charge of activities. so actually, I was REALLY flattered she instantly saw this part of me. As slowly evolving as it may be..Web

Friday, October 5th, 2018

TITLE DBC 2018craftArts & Crafts is totally where it was at. The place was packed! Although I’m pretty sure I got the job to teach Totem making. So I guess helpin y’all find where to be, is my true specialty!

One thing I loved, was how the Artists everyone comes to see, actually join in on the activities! We had one hell of a line, but with Mikey Lion & Sacha Robotii participating, it flew by.
Next time tho, we are gonna make a better space to wait & dirtier signs…0boy844_0boy844-R1-E015.jpgDirtybird 2018Sacha 2

MAJOR points to the campers that came to learn crochet! It was literally worth a TON in the scavenger hunt the first day.
Thanks for taking a moment to learn something new & letting me challenge you! I’m here if you’re ever confused.WebI tried to keep the state of things running smoothly, but it was the campers attitude that made it seem perfect to me. The camaraderie & spirit I saw couldn’t be beat & everyone I met was beyond sweet.
Another fave moment was when I caught these two, in the middle of a greeting!

“Hi, I’m Mason, like the jar!” he said smoothly

“Sierra, like the mountains” she laughed

Web0boy844_0boy844-R1-E008DBC 2018-7.jpgWe even had another person bring her own Renegade Crafts to the booth… totes something I would do!0boy844_0boy844-R1-E012Web

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

TITLE DBC 2018trustAfter LIB, I posted a recap of what the experience was to me. One thing I mentioned was totem making. Legit wrote a joke saying it was something I should teach. Low & behold… talk about manifesting! The first night at DBC I even saw one that said “TRUST”…

Totems are great because they blatantly tell you what a group is all about. The signs & symbols make it easy to find friends. Going alone, it’s fun to see which ones you gravitate towards naturally.

What pulls ya in? Maybe they could be a new friend!

Honestly, I didn’t even know this word Yeet! But I’m a sucker for vocabulary & she kindly told me.
I checked out the “Trust” totem too, but up close it was actually “THRUST”. Guess they got the memo to make the signs 
Dirty!0boy844_0boy844-R2-008-2A.jpgDirtybird 2018Sat 2TITLE DBC 2018venusI did have a group of guy friends there. Marty, Grant, Ethan, & Chris are without a doubt some of my favorite people to hang with at shows. But they all knew me with my Ex, so as much as I loved their company, I wanted to meet more peeps.
Ones who could dance on stage with me!2018_10_10_09_59_160003WebI’m developing a better at understanding which genres I vibe with. For my birthday in 2017, an Eprom show was recommended to me & solidified my love of unique, slightly dark, hip-hop robot, bass beats. So naturally, the Bass Lodge seemed like a fun place to be.

Dancing on stage during Sander’s set, I saw this guy keep eyeing me & decided to say hi. Then he said his name was Marty! Same as my other friend, I assumed he was cool & figured I’d go where he was headed too.WebTurned out this Chicago Marty knew a few of the Musicians I liked personally & was into the same sounds as me.
The whole repeating thing seemed to be treating me splendidly!

Upon introduction, one new friend said, “I’ve only ever met smart Megan’s” 

“Why thanks Richie!” I’ll get behind that fully!

& did you say your last name was Grant? Kinda trippy, the duplicate names kept happening. Since summer, Ally, Alex, Daniel, Jon, & Mike’s have been filling my life… 2018_10_10_09_59_160007

Sunday, October 7th, 2018

TITLE DBC 2018megmingo.pngThe final day of the festival, Megmingo the Human Flamingo was born.
Suddenly, I morphed into a prize people had to find! Becoming part of the scavenger hunt, I was able to frolic the fest during the day & campers would receive points for taking a photo when they found me!

Have I mentioned my love of pics? YIPPIE


I don’t think it was a cowinky-dink one of the first people to see me was also named Megan N! To top it off, her disposable pics won her tickets to Campout 2019!
Similarly, the same thing happened to me, but for a Splash House weekend of my choosing!2018_10_10_09_59_160017Web

Out with a bang!

TITLE DBC 2018bingoOverall, Campout was a blast! Eprom won a pogo stick at bingo! We even witnessed a rocket launch! At first, people were freaking out, as if the world might end. But I was a little to busy recording their commentary, to let that sink in.IMG_4316WebThe weekend did solidify MUSIC as a line of work I want to try.
I think in lyrics all the time…
But I don’t want to do it alone. So holler at me, if you find that intriguing. I also excel at compiling & categorizing cosmically. Been building Astrology playlists before Spotify made it a thing…
♈︎ ♉︎ ♊︎ ♋︎ ♌︎ ♍︎ ♎︎ ♏︎ ♐︎ ♑︎ ♒︎ ♓︎


Mainly Shazams from the season & artists who fall under each sign, My apple music ones are more complete!
♈︎ ♉︎ ♊︎ ♋︎ ♌︎ ♍︎ ♎︎ ♏︎ ♐︎ ♑︎ ♒︎ ♓︎

As for Synchronicities, I’ll be taking note indeed!
I realized each reoccurring theme is a clue you’re on the right track. Be confident & don’t let doubts hold ya back. If at first you don’t succeed… You’ll probably meet someone else named Megan or Marty. Say Hello, it’s a new opportunity.

Catch ya Birds at the next bash!

★ ★ ★
Megan Nicole Boyd
Arts & Crafts LeadWeb★ ★ ★
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