• Chapter 24!

    Before my birthday fades into a distant memory, I wanted to use this milestone to fill you guys in on my life!

    Sustainable Dreams

    Sunday October 1st, 2017 I will be leaving the real world & heading off on my next adventure. This time, it will be unlike anything I’ve done before. For 12 day’s I will be traveling throughout California to learn about sustainable living! With 30 other strangers, I will camp, visit farms, explore eco- villages & learn what it takes to create a more sustainable world!

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-2

    To be honest, I am a little nervous about it! I keep telling myself that our bodies can not determine the difference between nerves & excitement (a fact that got me through my pageant interviews)! But this will be the longest I have been away from home without a single friend or family member. Plus I will be traveling in a 1980’s school bus & sleeping in a tent for 12 days. & Although I love camping… 12 days of it, may get a little exhausting. Not to mention, I usually spend 80% of my day alone. So being surrounded by other people for that long, makes me a tad uneasy.

    But as much as these things have me a little worried, I am probably most nervous that this trip will change my life.

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-6

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-8

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-4

    I have this dream to one day create my own Sustainable Fiber Farm & Eco-Resort. Actually figuring out how it could be possible, was not something I ever expected to happen so soon.

    Looking back on this past year, my first one out in the “real world,” makes my head spin. Balancing an 8:00-5:00 desk job, while still making time for my passions, personal life, & self-care isn’t exactly easy. But it has been predictable. For the most part, i’ve always known what the next steps were to achieving my goals & I’ve been content working towards them at my own (often lazy) pace.

    But sometimes the question that holds us back the most isn’t how do we do something. It’s if we are doing the right thing in the first place. 

    Dreams are hard. I don’t know about you, but there are 1001 jobs out there that I would probably love. Yet for whatever reason, I keep getting called back to this one idea. Reality is, I have NO CLUE what it would be like. But I am hoping that by going on the Sustainable Living Tour, I’ll figure out if it is really meant for me!

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-10

    Signs Point To Yes

    I first learned about the Sustainable Living Tour at Lightning in a Bottle. Out of everyone at the festival, I randomly started talking to Bryan, one of the tour’s organizers. It. was. so. weird. I had this desire & suddenly someone appeared willing to help me achieve it! Not many times in my life have I felt like “I am where I am supposed to be” but i’d like to think that moment was one of them. After all, I wouldn’t have been at the festival if it was not for a friendship I made through my obsession with crochet.

    Crochet Leading The Way

    The previous year at Coachella, I ran up to a girl wearing a crochet outfit I had admired online. We ended up becoming friends & stayed together at Lighting in a Bottle, where I met Bryan & this next chapter began!

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-3

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-11

    Lately my nerves have been getting the best of me. It is hard to feel like I am on the right path when I’m going down it so quickly!

    The day before my birthday, I went to LA for a shopping event at Reformation, one of my favorite sustainable clothing companies! I had planed to finish my Golden Years Pattern that night, but my friend Alli wanted to go, & being the procrastinater that I am, we went!

    Walking to the store, I saw these amazing rainbow yarn bombs! Instantly I felt a wave of joy & comfort rush over me, as if the universe was reminding me to keep chasing my dreams. A couple other people were there wondering if the graffiti on them was from the artist. But without hesitation, I knew it wasn’t. These weren’t just any yarn bombs, they were ones by London Kaye. The yarn artist that first got me interested in crochet! It was the perfect surprise, I had to take pictures! I could not have imagined a better place to celebrate & remember this time in my life.

    Odyssey Designs Turning 24 09-21-2017-12

    My Next Chapter

    Who knows where this experience will truly lead, but you can bet I’ll be sharing it all for you to read!

    If you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU! I’d love for you to leave me a comment & let me know if you enjoyed this type of post! Expect more to come about my experience during the Sustainable Living Tour as well as how I’ve been trying to live a more eco-friendly life!

    XOXO Megan


    What I’m Wearing!

    Bessie Dress in Dot by Reformation


  • Adventures at Deep Creek Hot Springs!

    Deep Creek Hot Springs is the perfect little adventure. Just around a 2 hour drive from the Orange County/LA area, this place is great when you want a change of scenery but don’t have a ton of time for a vacation. I went for the first time in September of 2016 & have been trying to get back there since! This past Labor Day weekend [2017] I made it back for my 2nd adventure at Deep Creek!

    The Basics

    Clothing Optional

    The Hot Springs are known for nudity. I find it nice to have an idea of what I’m getting myself into, especially if it involves naked strangers. Nudity isn’t for everyone, but if you want to rock out with your cock out, Deep Creek is the place to be. During both of my trips, there were a handful of nudist on the trail & at the hot springs, but most of the people were clothed! If you feel like testing the waters in your birthday suit, there are a couple hot springs that are slightly more private.

    Respect The Land

    Pack it in & pack it out is a must for this adventure. You will not find trash cans or restrooms during the trip. The hot springs are maintained by a few volunteers, but if we don’t do our part & take care of it, they may be shut down! Please be respectful of this fun oasis mother nature provided for us & leave the place nicer than when you found it. In addition, they ask that you do not camp at the hot springs. It can be dangerous at night & it is VERY difficult to find your way back in the dark. See the rules & etiquette for more information.23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 569

    Getting There & Camping

    Located near Apple Valley, CA their are a few different ways to get to the hot springs. The simplest way, starts at Bowen Ranch, or you can take the Bradford Ridge Trail. I like to do things the easy way, so that is what I’ll be detailing for you.

    • Bowen Ranch Address:
      • Bowen Ranch Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92308
    • Cost:
      • $5 per person for day use
      • $10 per person for overnight use
    • Amenities:

    Using Google Maps I did not have any trouble getting to Bowen Ranch. Towards the end, you will need to drive on a dirt road. This part was a little tricky, but as long as you keep an eye out to ensure you’re staying on the correct road, you should be fine.  Once you arrive, follow the instructions at the ranch to check in. Camping is first come first serve but even on a busy weekend like Labor Day, we were able to find a spot.

    I’ll be adding a “Packing List” section soon, so keep an eye out before your next trip!23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 527

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 528

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 517The Trail

    The way down to the hot springs is pretty easy, but the way back is a whole other story! Hiking along the Freedom Trail, you’ll drop about 900 feet in altitude on the 2 mile hike! There are also a few twists & forks to be mindful of. During the day it is easy to navigate, but I almost got lost on the way back (both times I went). Grab a map at the ranch or print your own before you leave. I’d also pack a flashlight just in case or leave while you still have plenty of day light!

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-15
    Start Here!

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-20

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-34

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-27
    Watch your step! It can get slippery!

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-39

    After this sign you will reach Jeep Road. Make a slight left, cross the road, & continue right along the trail!

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-98

    Odyssey Designs Deep Creek Hot Springs-70

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 115
    Left at the fork!

    Once you get to the bottom of the trail, you’ll see the river! The hot springs are located around the large rock formation. To get to the warm water pools, you will have to cross the river. It has always been warm when I went, but depending on the time of year, you may need to forge the icy stream to reach the steamy stuff.

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 139

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-164

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 275

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-178
    Lot’s of Tadpoles!

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 301

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 370
    One of the more secluded hot springs!

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-336

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 327

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-188

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-499

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-519

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 335

    Be sure to save lots of energy for the hike back to the camping & parking area! The elevation change can be killer! I’d say it takes about an hour & 1/2 if you stay on the path, so plan accordingly. I left the hot springs as the sun was starting to set, but I would recommend leaving sooner if you don’t want to get lost!

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-130

    Deep Creek Hot Springs 09-03-2017-66

    23ed Birthday at Deep Creek Hot Springs - 478
    If you see this boat, you’re lost. Turn around! ❤

    I hope you have a fun & safe time at Deep Creek Hot Springs! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or end up going yourself! I’d love to hear what your adventure was like!

    The End



  • Everyday Crochet: Peplum Tank!

    Lately I’ve been wanting to make my crochet items as wearable as possible! I love designing unique pieces & funky festival outfits, but a girl needs her basics too! As soon as I saw this Wool & The Gang yarn I knew it would be the perfect stuff for a versatile summer tank! And so, the first piece in my “Everyday Crochet” collection was born!To me “Everyday Crochet” is something I can throw on & wear anywhere. Comfortable is a requirement, cute is a plus! It’s also nice if it is quick to make!

    I get inspiration from different places. Sometimes I’ll fall in love with an existing or vintage style & want to make my own version. Other times, I just want to get my hands moving & see what happens. When my Shiny Happy Cotton arrived, I had no clue what to make with it. But I brought it with me while camping at Joshua Tree, in hopes inspiration would spark! Sure enough, as soon as we got back to our campsite, I had the idea to make an easy peplum top for the summer heat!

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    I’ve been spending a lot of time working with fine or lightweight yarns. So it was super nice to make a project with something thicker. Using double crochets, the top was done in no time! I also used a design similar to my Sustainable Set for the back which made it extra easy!

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    Odyssey Designs Wool &amp

    I hope you like my Everyday Crochet Peplum Tank! I am planing to make a few more easy basic pieces. But you can get the pattern for this one now!

    If you want my patterns please sign up! 

    Once you sign up, you will need to go to your email inbox & confirm your subscription. After it is confirmed, I will email you the Everyday Crochet Peplum Tank pattern as a free gift (please allow 24 hours)! If you already signed up, no need to do it again!

    It will have the basic instructions, & give you a good idea of how I write my patterns. As well as what to expect when my Golden Years Crochet Dress pattern is released! & If you have never crocheted before, but want to give it a go! Check out my YouTube video to learn all the basic skills you’ll need! 

    I can not wait for you guys to try it! Please use #ODPattern or tag me @megnboyd on any photos you share so I can see them! Happy crocheting!



  • Relaxing & Rejuvenating at Integratron!

    As I was planing my trip to Joshua Tree, I wanted to check out what other attractions were in the area. I remembered seeing photos of this strange dome building in the desert, & began stocking Instagram to learn more. Unsure exactly what it was, I soon learned this place was called Integratron & people went there for Sound Baths. I am always open to trying different methods of relaxation (who doesn’t want to feel more peaceful & rejuvenated?) So I organized a trip to Integratron!

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-87

    What To Expect:

    Before arriving, I signed my boyfriend & I up for a Sound Bath online. The hour long adventure consists of a “sonic healing session”. Basically, you lay down in this dome & someone plays crystal bowls. It is said to be an “unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and introspection”. To my surprise, it was!

    During the Sound Batch, you rest comfortably with the other participants while “a sequence of quartz crystal singing bowls are played, each one keyed to the energy centers or chakras of the body, where sound is nutrition for the nervous system. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind and body.” Id suggest wearing something comfortable, & grabbing one of their blankets if you get cold easily.

    I am pretty into yoga & I’ve tried to meditate, so this was right up my ally. But I was a little worried that my boyfriend would think it was silly & a waste of time. To my surprise, he really enjoyed it. Much like the way music can lift your spirits, the crystal bowls created waves of sound that we both felt loudly vibrating through our bodies. Sounds a little weird, pun intended, but just wait till you learn the history of this place!

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-134

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-25

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-10

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-9

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-3

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-33

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-42


    2477 Belfield Blvd, Landers, CA 92285

    Located just 20 miles north of Joshua Tree National Park, Integratron‘s location plays an essential part in its functionality. The 38 foot high dome was built at the intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces. The building’s unique geometry amplifies the earth’s magnetic field. Which its creator, George Van Tassel, claimed helped restore energy.

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-7

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-69

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-71

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-72

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-68

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-57


    Integratron was created by George Van Tassel. He was an aeronautical engineer that worked for Lockheed & as a test pilot for Howard Hughes. Sounds impressive & serious right? Well, George was also obsessed with extraterrestrials.

    Van Tassel believed he was contacted by aliens who taught him techniques for cell rejuvenation. After his encounter, he spent 18 years developing what we know today as Integratron! In order to fund the construction, Van Tassel held  “Spacecraft Conventions” at Giant Rock. For two decades, tens of thousands came to hear high profile UFO contactees & anitgravity experts speak. He also did guided meditations which he believed led to UFO contacts. Learn more about him & the history of Integratron here!

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-78

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-129

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-74

    I may have fallen asleep for a little bit of my sound bath, but it was worth every penny ($35.00 to be exact)! I can not wait to do it again & take more of my friends to this wacky but wonderful place! I hope you get to experience it for yourself!





  • Exploring Joshua Tree National Park

    Living in Southern California, Joshua Tree is one of the closest National Parks to me! I vaguely remember going as a child, but I appreciate it so much more now.

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-21

    Planning & Basic Info

    Before heading to the park, I wanted to get a guide book. It had been so long since my last trip there, I figured it would help me gain a better idea of what was in the park. So I purchased “Joshua Tree, The Complete Guide” by James Kaiser. The book was very informative! I spent a few days before the trip reading up on the history, different plants, & nature trails in the park! Learning about Joshua Tree, got me even more excited to visit!


    Once you enter the park you must go to one of the visitor centers for a pass. Valid for 7 days, the entrance fee is $25.00 per vehicle (& passengers). You also have the option to get an annual pass. The Joshua Tree National Park Annual Pass costs $40.00 & is valid for 1 year, an option I learned of after my second visit. 😦


    Joshua Tree has several campgrounds inside the park. To ensure your spot, it is best to make a reservation online before you arrive. The price per night ranges from $10-$20 a night. Most campgrounds are tent camping only but some can accommodate RV’s & tailors. For more information or to reserve your site check our their website.

    A friend of mine booked us one of the group campsites at Cottonwood Campgrounds. Located near the Cottonwood Visitor Center, this campground is the first one you will pass when entering the south entrance, about 30 miles from Indio, CA (like where Coachella is).
    Joshua Tree 07-2017-235

    I was a little worried about camping in the heat, but thankfully our group spot had a large shade structure that made it bearable. I am not sure if other campgrounds had these same structures, but I would stay there again for that reason alone. The sites also had picnic tables, fire pits, running water, & restrooms.

    But be sure to put all of your food away! We mindlessly left out a bag of chips & some hot dog buns before a hike, & by the time we returned a little rat had devoured them.

    What To See & Do:

    Coming from the South Entrance off Interstate 10, I suggest seeing the sights in the order they are listed!

    I would also bring 1 gallon of water per person & a lunch or snacks!

    Odyssey Designs Exploring Joshua Tree-5

    Odyssey Designs Exploring Joshua Tree-2

    Odyssey Designs Exploring Joshua Tree-4

    Ocotillo Patch

    The Ocotillo Patch was a little more sparse than I was expecting, but this highly unusual Mexican Tree was very interesting. These spindly plants can grow up to 30 feet tall & flourish with bright green leaves after it rains. In spring time, they grow fiery red flowers on the tips of each branch. But for most of the year they appear thorny & dead. You can walk through the Ocotillo patch in about 10-15 minutes.
    Joshua Tree 06-2017-122

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-130

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-135

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-17
    Ocotillo Patch in July

    Cholla Cactus Garden

    Beware the Cholla Cactus! Located just down the road from the Ocotillo Patch, the Cholla Cactus Garden is one prickly place. The self-guided nature trail is a short .3 miles walk, but I spent quite a bit of time photographing these fuzzy looking cacti. You can also grab an informative pamphlet at the start of the trail. Just be sure to watch your step & stay away from the Cholla’s. It has tiny barbed hooks on its spines that can easily cut you or, in my case, get stuck in your shoes!

    I spent about 30 minutes walking through & photographing the Cholla Cactus Garden.
    Joshua Tree 06-2017-36

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-38

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-37

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-78

    Odyssey Designs Exploring Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-58

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-51

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-114

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-80

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-75

    Arch Rock Nature Trail

    Located in White Tank Campground near Campsite 9, this 0.5 mile loop is pretty easy, as long as you stay on the path. We followed some other people for several minuets in the wrong direction before we realized the trail markers & Arch Rock were nowhere to be found. After a little backtracking we found the trail & were quickly at the 25-foot Arch Rock!

    We spent about 45 minutes here!
    Joshua Tree 06-2017-10

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-9

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-27

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-73

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-15

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-16

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-17

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-23
    NOT the way out! (:

    Skull Rock

    You can actually see Skull Rock from the road but there is a 1.7 mile nature path around the rock looping back to Jumbo Rocks Campground. When I first went, this was the busiest area, but during my second trip I didn’t see a single soul there. The difference a month makes [June vs. July]!

    We spent about 30 minuets at Skull Rock but we did not do the full nature path.
    Joshua Tree 06-2017-2

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-7

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-8

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-3

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-6

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-5

    Hidden Valley

    Out of the nature trails I’ve done in Joshua Tree, Hidden Valley was the best! Enclosed by towering rock formations, it is rumored that two outlaws in the 1800’s hid stolen cattle in the secret valley before selling them to unsuspecting California Ranchers.

    I think we spent about an hour & 1/2 (maybe longer) doing the 1 mile loop.
    Joshua Tree 07-2017-112

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-104

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-174

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-3

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-129

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-192

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-211

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-182

    Joshua Tree 07-2017-18

    Barker Dam

    This 1.3 mile trail winds through rock canyons along the southern edge of Wonderland of Rocks. The Dam does hold a small pond of water! Some photos i’ve seen make it look much larger than it is. If you follow the trail to Piano Valley, you will find a rock overhang with Indian Petroglyphs. In the 1960’s a movie crew painted over the petroglyphs so they would appear better on camera. I still thought they were cool, but it is considered a tragic loss of the park’s native heritage.

    It took about an hour & 1/2 to check out Barker Dam & the surrounding area.
    Joshua Tree 06-2017-138

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-141

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-144
    Sacred Datura! A poisonous & hallucinogenic flower found in the park!

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-152

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-158

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-159

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-164

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-165

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-166

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-174

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-178

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-185

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-187

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-192

    Other Places To See

    I spent two weekends in Joshua Tree checking out these places. A few spots I went back to for a second time, but they could all be seen in two days. However, there are still several areas of the park I want to experience. I’d love to spend an afternoon jumping around Wonderland of Rocks, drive (with an of road vehicle) along the Geology Tour, & check out some of the longer hikes like the Boy Scout Trail once the temperatures drop. And if your just looking to see the Joshua Trees, enter through the West Entrance. You’ll find way more of them on that side of the park (where there is a slightly higher elevation)!

    Outside The Park

    Pappy & Harriets

    If you like BBQ, you have to stop at Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown! The town its self was once an old western move set! The classic restaurant has some of the best ribs & mac n’ cheese I have ever had. They also have live music!
    Joshua Tree 06-2017-196

    Joshua Tree 06-2017-197



    About 20 miles from Joshua Tree, in Landers CA, you will find Integratron. At this odd geometric dome, you can have a sound bath! See all the details in my upcoming Integratron post!

    Odyssey Designs Integratron 06-2017-110The End!

    Thanks for reading! I hope you get a chance to check out this amazing park! I’d love to hear what your favorite places are!

    Odyssey Designs Joshua Tree



  • Outside Lands & Festival Crochet Tips!

    I have always liked going to San Francisco. My first memory of the city is from a trip with my Girl Scout troop in elementary school. Since then, it has been the only big city I have wanted to go back to again & again. So naturally, I had to check out their music festival, Outside Lands!

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-39

    As someone who loves music festivals, I was super intrigued when I first learned about Outside Lands. I had been to a couple of festivals at the time (2013) but never one in the middle of a city! So, my co-worker & I decided to go! The festival was a blast! It was my first time in San Fran on my own & I loved every second of it. Even walking back through the Tenderloin to our cheap hotel. haha (Not recommended!)


    One cool thing about OSL is that in addition to 3 day passes, they still do single day tickets. Music Festivals are awesome, but they can be tiring & expensive. Plus a lot of festivals have similar line ups. So it is nice to be able to go for just one day.

    Getting There

    Located in Golden Gate Park, it is pretty easy to get to Outside Lands. The past couple of years I stayed outside the city. From there, we took BART to Civic Center, then an Uber or Lyft to the park. It was a bit of a mission, but for a free place to stay it was worth it.

    After the concert, they have free city busses outside the venue taking people back to Civic Center (the busses don’t make other stops FYI). The first time I got on one, I thought I was all sneaky & cleaver, but they are there every year. Having to find a ride home after a long day can suck, so I love that they do this & wish more festivals would!
    Outside Lands 2016 - 018

    The Basics

    Outside Lands is one of the more laid back festivals. They always have a solid line up & friendly festival goers. The venue is not too huge, but they have several music stages/tents. With a reservation, you can also see a comedy show at the Barbary. For food & drinks they have Wine Lands, Beer Lands, Chocolate Lands, food trucks & all the basics.

    My only complaint with Outside Lands is that they could step it up in the art department. I always think of San Francisco as an artistic city, so I expected to see that reflected at the festival. They do have murals throughout the venue. But since my first time in 2013, not much has changed. I really hope that they continue to add more art installations & maybe yarn bomb some of the trees or something! haha

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-93

    Outside Lands 2016 - 182

    Outside Lands 2016 - 183

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-53

    Outside Lands 2016 - 221

    Outside Lands 2016 - 242

    Outside Lands 08-13-2017-38

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-68

    Outside Lands 2016 - 062

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-2

    Outside Lands 2016 - 179

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-140

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-54

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-131

    Outside Lands 2016 - 193

    Outside Lands 2016 - 305

    My Tips

    What I love most about Outside Lands is the weather & venue! The days can be warm, but then the fog rolls in & it gets chilly! For me the perfect OSL outfit consists of comfy shoes, pants, light layers, & a fun jacket! I brought a crochet shawl I made to keep me warm too! Unlike some of the other festivals I attend, I like to keep it pretty casual & comfy there.

    I also recommend getting a locker! It is super nice to have a place to put any unwanted items. Plus, you can keep your stuff in it over night. I also bring tissue packs (because the porta potties tend to run our of TP) & a few sandwiches so I’m not spending all my money on festival food.

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-158

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-139

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-142

    Outside Lands 08-11-2017-171


    For last years festival, I knew I would need something to keep me warm. So I began to make my first crochet shawl using this pattern. About 2 weeks before leaving, I started to make the flowers. My plan was to connect them all on the drive up, but I WAY underestimated the amount of time that would take. I didn’t end up finishing the shawl until several months after the festival. However, I LOVED wearing it this year & already want to get started on another one!

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-38.jpg

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-33

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-43

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-36

    Outside Lands 08-12-2017-58Till next year!



  • A Sustainable Set with Wool & The Gang

    I’ve always been interested in fashion. My first job was at a small boutique in my hometown. The place was packed with dresses, tops & all the latest trends. I would spend my afternoons trying on different styles & falling in love with the way a good outfit can make you feel.

    From there, I went on to work at Nordstrom & my clothing collection grew to an overwhelming size. It got so out of hand, I left my job in an attempt to rid myself of temptation. Now, every few months I go through my closet & select several things to donate or re-purpose. But the task has never been easy. Not only do I feel awful about having wasted money on another unnecessary outfit, but also I began to realize that these purchases were hurting more than just my wallet.

    Fast Fashion is creating an environmental crisis. Every year 13 million tons of textiles are thrown out, which accounts for about 10% of America’s non recycled waste. I’ve been doing my best to buy vintage pieces & find brands that offer more sustainable fashion. Being a maker, it has become important for me to find materials that are eco-friendly too.

    As a new crocheter, I was overwhelmed by the different yarn choices. But after I made my first granny square cardigan with cheap itchy yarn, I quickly realized that I needed to be cautious about my fiber selection. If I was going to spend days crocheting a new dress, I should use quality fibers I felt good about wearing & encouraging others to use too.

    Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Yarn 06/15/2017 - 59

    Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Yarn 06/15/2017 - 57

    That is why I was so excited when Wool & The Gang came out with their Tina Tape Yarn! 100% vegan & made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus tress, the tencel is manufactured by lenzing fibres in a closed-loop system, where water and solvents are reused instead of ending up as pollution and waste.

    Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Rose Park Roasters 06-25-2017 - 030

    Having never worked with this type of material, I first played with different stitches & hooks untill I found ones I liked. I had only seen Tina Tape used for kniting projects so it took me a few tries before I realized more elaborate or tight stiches looked best (in my opinion).

    Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Wrap Skirt 06-16-2017 - 02

    Wool & The Gang Tina Tape White Wrap Skirt 06-16-2017 - 14Being summer time, I wanted to make a cool basic outfit I could wear over & over again. After asking my Instagram friends what they thought I should make, I began to work on a crop top & wrap skirt.

     Once the skirt was long enough I put it on & realized the wrap style was a little more beachy (& scandalous) then I hoped. So I spun it around & started working on a new pattern for an a-line mini!

    odyssey designs 07-2017 wool & the gang tina tape set-7I spend a lot of time undoing my projects. I’ll start a piece, realize it is not going the way I want, & pull all the stitches out. Sometimes the yarn does not like to be used, undone, rewound & used again. But I was pleasantly surprised how well the Tina Tape Yarn stood up!

    I am really excited for how the top turned out. It started as a rectangle that laced up in the back. Then I added some thick straps so I wouldn’t have to worry about it coming undone or being uncomfortable.odyssey designs 07-2017 wool & the gang tina tape set-49They say exercise makes you happy. I believe that making also brings happiness. Crochet has become my go to stress reliever. No matter where I am, or what is going on in the world, I know as long as I have my hook & yarn with me, I can find a little peace. Being able to use sustainable yarn, well, that makes it even better!

    XOXO- Megan







  • A Day at the Lavender Festival!

    If you have ever read my About page you may remember that one day I want to have a farm! So this place was basically a dream come true! Having never heard or seen anything about the 123 Farm, I had no idea what to expect. But it blew me away, complete with a lavender breeze!

    Located in Cherry Valley, CA., I first heard of this farm from my Grandma who lives near by! Last year I went to a wedding at the flower fields in Carlsbad. I told her about how beautiful it was & she mentioned some lavender fields that were near her house I should check out.

    For my first, but certainly not last time at The 123 Farm, I went to the Lavender Festival to celebrate some family birthdays!

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-29Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-36Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-45Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-48Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-44Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-38

    Planning your Trip

    The farm is home to several different festivals & events. Each year they have a Lavender Festival in June, a Fermentation Festival in August, & an Olive Festival in October. You can also see a live Sheep Shearing demonstration, visit the Organic Galleries, eat at the onsite farm to table restaurant The Grand Oak, stay at one of the Rooms on the Ranch, or plan an event or wedding!

    If you can’t make it to one of the events, you can still check out this lovely place! To view the lavender in bloom, visit in early June to late July (i.e. “Lavender Season”). Visits during Lavender Season cost $5 per person ($3 for seniors and students). It is recommend to you call prior to going to ensure the grounds are open for visits.

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-37

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-42

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-15

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-16

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-13

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-14

    The Lavender Festival

    As I drove up to the 123 Farm for the 2nd weekend of the Lavender Festival, I started to get a better idea of what this place was going to be like. Cars were lining one side of the street as I approached & I could see a large purple field along the other. Having purchased my ticket in advance online, I parked my car & began the hot trek to meet my family inside.

    My mother, grandmothers, aunts, cousins & all of there kids were already inside watching a puppet show! As I wandered in, I was surprised to see how large this place is & how established the event was. Everywhere I looked there were different activities to do, things to eat, shops to see & countless lavender goodies!

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-31

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-18

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-19

    Throughout the day I tried lavender mojitos, lavender beer,  lavender honey ice cream & lavender earl gray tea! Shockingly, I enjoyed each of them! My mother also arranged for us to have afternoon tea! The tea was a little pricey, but it was really nice to sit down & relax with everyone in the shade over finger sandwiches & macaroons. Be sure to book the tea in advance if you’d like to do it!

    Another thing we booked in advance was a horse drawn carriage ride around the farm. The ride was quick but we learned a little about the farm’s history. During the ride we saw one of the oldest oak trees in the world & gained a better understanding of how huge this place really is.

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-22

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-23

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-20

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-25

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-26

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-30

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-9

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-8

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-7

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-3

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-4

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-5

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-10

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-12

    Overall my day at the Lavender Festival was quite lovely! It was a great place to relax & connect with my family. There was something for everyone to enjoy no matter their age. I also left feeling inspired & hopeful that I too could make my own farm a success! You bet I will be going back next year & checking out their other events!

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-28

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-35

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-34

    Odyssey Designs Lavender Festival 2017_-43

    XOXO Megan


    What I’m Wearing!

     Blue Skies Slip Dress by Spell & The Gypsy Collective

    The Wild Gift Sunglasses by Crap Eyewear

  • The Museum Of Ice Cream!

    The Museum of Ice Cream! You have probably seen it on Instagram & if you haven’t, then you have most likely been living under a rock this past year. But for those of you who didn’t get a $29 tickets, don’t fret! I went & ate all the stomach ache inducing deserts just so you don’t have too! Well that & I really wanted to see the pool of sprinkles for myself.

    A friend of mine said something that reminded me so much of this place. “Growing up is not leaving your childhood behind; it’s learning how to preserve its simple glory and share it with everyone who’s forgotten.” –Rachel Cushman  That is exactly what you will find behind the big pink door at the Museum of Ice Cream!
    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_Once you have entered, the “museum” is one way. You have to go through each room until you get to the end, or in my case, the restroom! (pee before you leave!) Every room is different, each with it’s own wacky art & “ice cream”. Some are better than others. But everywhere you turn, there is a little something for the kid in all of us!

    The first room has a bunch of pink phones. If you pick one up & listen REAL hard, you may be able to hear someone on the other end! But I couldn’t quite make it out.

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-2

    Next was the room with the best samples! When I went, they were from one of my favorite L.A. (& Portland) ice cream spots, Salt & Straw! But online I found that it does change.

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-3

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-5

    Then you will most likely find a line of people waiting to get on some swings & take photos with the hanging bananas. I’d have to admit, it was starting to feel like I was walking through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Only instead of Umpa Lumpas, you’ll find teenagers with cameras.Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-8

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-14

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-10

    My favorite part was next, The Mint Room! Here you got to try some delicious mint chip mochi! My sample was pretty small… but it was yummy! Be sure brush up on you mint trivia or be ready to do a little dance if you want to try it!

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-16

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-20

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-18
    Trying to smell the different mint plants but all I could make out was the chocolate soil!
    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-19
    Me wondering if these plants are really growing…

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-21

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-22
    P.S. There was nothing in this watering can.

    The next section had the coolest art in my opinion! However, no longer will they let you get near some of it. I was very disappointed about this, as I had seen other visitors laying on melting popsicles. Yet I wasn’t even allowed to stand next to the orange one I wanted a photo with.

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-26

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-28

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-33

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-31
    My “I’m trying to not looked pissed I have to stand infont of this chain” face…

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-37

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-39
    The Gummy Bear was invented in 1922 by Hans Riegel Sr in Germany, FYI.

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-40

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-38After a little gummy bear quiz & treat, we moved to the next room. There you were given a chocolate looking ice cream cone & asked to guess what the “ice cream” was. Here’s a hint, it wasn’t ice cream! But I did get it right on my first try! I guess I eat a lot of sweets…

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-42

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-44

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-43

    After a short wait, we finally made it to the infamous sprinkle pool! Before you go in, you have to take off your shoes. Probably because you’ll sink in like quick sand & fill any hole or crevice with the synthetic bacteria free sprinkles. But get some photos fast, your time there is limited.

    Another sort of icky thing to note is this place is HOT! By the time I made it to the pool, I was dabbing beads of sweat left & right. The sprinkles were warm & many stuck to my skin after I left the pool. Hopefully, it is not as hot if you ever visit!

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-45

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-46

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-51

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-53

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-52

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-55

    Overall the museum was a fun way to spend an afternoon! I’m not rushing back, but I’m glad I was able to see it for myself. Perhaps the coolest part was that I got to experience someone’s dream come true. We were told the creator, Maryellis Bunn, dreamed up this crazy idea, quite her job, & made it happen. For me, seeing how she was able to turn something as silly as this into a success made me feel like I can accomplish my goals too!

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-62

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-63

    Museum Of Ice Cream 2017_-65

    Thanks for reading!




    What I’m Wearing

    Shoes by Adidas

    Dress from Isabelle’s Cabinet

  • Vintage Inspired Orangesicle Set

    One of my favorite things about crochet is that it has been around for decades. As much as I will try to create something totally original, I will almost always find someone who has done it before.

    At first, this kind of discouraged me. I didn’t want anyone to think I was copying them & I sure as heck didn’t want anyone to pass my designs off as their own either. But the more I think about it, the more I can find the beauty in it.

    We are all apart of this world, we should let our work bring us closer together, respecting each mind that played a part in its creation.

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-10

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-2

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-7

    Nothing is new anymore. 9 times out of 10 someone else has made that same one of a kind piece just like me. As difficult as that has been to accept, I find it much more honorable to take that into consideration whenever I am designing, creating, or sharing something.

    Always give credit to the people or things that influence you! Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all were more respectful of that? Instead of trying to copy someone, let your mutual interests & taste bring you together.

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-30

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-29

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-31

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-27

    Vintage crochet patterns have brought me so much inspiration. The cuts, textures, & colors all make me want to bust out my hooks & start working on a new piece. I can flip through old patterns for days. Check out my Pinterest board for a collection of Vintage Crochet Patterns I love.

    For Lightning In A Bottle, I wanted to make something that would combine my love of dancing & vintage style. I searched for weeks to find the perfect vintage piece I could put my own twist on. Finally, I found this Vintage 70’s Crochet Sun Spoke Skirt & knew it would be perfect! I love to spin & twirl when I dance, so the full skirt seemed like a fun challenge that would be worth my time!


    I started looking for yarn to use & after weeks of debating colors & materials, I couldn’t wait any longer. I purchased some Shiny Happy Cotton from Wool & The Gang to begin crocheting. I had never used any of their products before & was excited to find how soft this cotton was!


    When I originally found the pattern, I planed to use it. Like actually read what it says to do & listen… But I was at my boyfriend’s house & did not have it with me when I was ready to start. So, I tried to make it from the memory of the photo I had seen.

    The first few tries did not end up looking the way I wanted. But that can be half the fun (if you are not stressed for time!) haha. I undid the top of the skirt several times until the stitches flowed as seamlessly as I envisioned.

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-25

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-24

    The bottom of my skirt turned out totally different than expected. To be honest, it wasn’t until I tried the set on, that I was even a remotely happy with the outcome. I spent the first few days in a bad mood thinking I was going to look like a pumpkin.

    I never ended up looking at the pattern but without it, I would not have been able to make this amazing set! I think the top of the skirt is almost the same as the vintage original, but my version has a fuller, & I’d argue, more playful bottom.

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-20

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-19

    I spent several days working on this project, but I would not have been able to do it without Kenzie Wool Shop where I first saw the vintage photo & pattern.

    In addition to my inspiration, this set would not have been the same without such amazing yarn. I truly hate putting so much time into something only to have it fall apart later due to poor quality materials.

    I loved my Shiny Happy Cotton from Wool & The Gang so much, I (for the first time ever) reached out to the company! More than anything I love to create. For me, I get the most pleasure out of dreaming up a new piece & figuring out how to make it a reality. I am so excited to announce that I will be designing another outfit with Wool & The Gang‘s sustainable Tina Tape yarn! Check back for my first pattern!

    Odyssey Designs Orangesicle Set-3

    I hope you enjoyed my take on this vintage pattern. To learn more about the event I made it for & my experience there, check out my Life Lessons from Lightning In A Bottle post! You’ll find a little more about what gave me the courage to push myself & collaborate with The Gang there too!