Hi, I am Megan! Like Alice, Harry, & Matilda I’ve always dreamed of going to another world. Of finding a place that is truly magical & abilities I didn’t know existed.

After 23 years of waiting for my powers to manifest, I’ve come to realize that the closest thing to magic is the power to create our own destiny. To reflect, change, & grow. Take what we are given & make something beautiful in return.

I’ve created Odyssey Designs to bring you along on my journey. To share a little more of the beauty I see & the practices that help balance me. Here you find how my passions weave together as I detail my observations, beliefs, & creations. Sharing what I’ve learned during festival, backpacking & travel trips. As well a few movies, books, & GIFs.

Fiber Arts have become an avenue to express myself. A way to see what magic I can create & share. I began crochet in March of 2016 & soon opened an Etsy shop for my creations. My first few pieces were wearable items, crochet tops & dresses with natural, organic & recycled fibers. Now, I focus sharing my Patterns. Because with a little patience you, too, can create your own works of art.

We are fortunate enough to live in a world so magnificent & full of beauty, yet we often forget to take the time to appreciate it. The ritualization of the mundane invites the mind to settle into the body. Through personal growth practices we learn what it means to feel connected with ourselves in the present moment.

My many experiences continuously remind me of the blessing our lives are. Not only do they keep me inspired creatively but they have also taken me down a path to better health and wellness. Well-being starts in the depths of the mind. It rises from the knowledge of who you are as a person, where you passions lie, & what makes you feel most yourself. Exercise, yoga & nutrition have brought physical health to my life. Mixed with reflection, intention, & imagination outlets, I have found greater happiness & autonomy.

Day after day, I am inspired by all the talented & motivated people I come across. I’d love to share my craft, connect & collaborate with other passionate doers & dreamers.

“And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared.” -Homer

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