Vintage Christmas Cape

One of the things I love most about fiber arts is that it has been around for centuries. You can find so many neat vintage patterns, or if you are lucky, vintage items! It is interesting to see how knitting & crocheting have changed over time. How something was made, what patterns were in style, & what colors were popular, all tell a story that is saved in that piece forever.


I have always loved vintage clothing. Not only can you find something truly unique but they are usually nicer quality. Plus vintage shopping is green!

A couple years ago I was doing some holiday shopping & found this lovely vintage cape at  Joie De Vivre, a small boutique on main street Seal Beach. Instantly I was drawn to it & knew I had to have it. Inside the cape “Mavis Greene” was written in sharpie along the seam. The detail made it feel even more special, like it had a life of its own before it came into mine.

Ms. Greene's Christmas Cape - 09

Ms. Greene's Christmas Cape - 16

Ms. Greene's Christmas Cape OG - 08

Now each December I pull this cape out & pick something special & festive to do while wearing it. Last year I went ice skating & this year I wore Ms. Greene’s Christmas Cape to pick out a tree!


“When we engage in fiber arts, we are creating something, but we’re also participating in historic traditions tens of thousands of years old. You are not only making art for your soul and for future generations, you are embodying the work of our ancestors.” – The Woven Road

I find vintage clothing to be so inspiring. I can only hope that one day someone finds one of my crochet pieces & they cherish it as much as I do Ms. Greene’s Christmas Cape!

XOXO- Megan


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  1. I love how you talk about the changing fashions in fiber arts! My mom has hundreds of knitting books and it’s very interesting to see the changes in style and color throughout the years!

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