Guide To Coachella: Stages & Environment

After attending the festival several times, you get a pretty good idea of what Coachella is like. But there is so much going on, it can be hard to figure out what you should spend your time doing. That is why I decided to go into a little more about the stages, events, & activities at Coachella in hopes it will help you have the best experience possible.

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Chiaozza Garden by Chiaozza

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Is This What Brings Things Into Focus by Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan
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Crown Ether by Olalekan Jeyifous

The Stages & Areas

One of the things I like most about Coachella is that I feel like I can find music I’ll enjoy just by knowing what each stage is like. Having been multiple times, you start to realize that bands with a similar sound or fan base will often times be on the same stage. I may not be the best person to describe what these artists are like but below you will find my description of each stage & what type of music you’ll find there.

Coachella Stage & Outdoor Stage

These two stages are the largest at Coachella & usually where you’ll find the biggest names of the weekend playing. They are both fully outside & do not have any shade or coverage. Most years there are art installations at the back (photos above), or between the two that you can sit at & still hear the music from. If you are trying to get close, Id suggest making your way to these stages about 15 minuets before the artist you’re seeing starts. The sound will be better the closer you are. The speakers & lights also have numbers on them. So if you are meeting a friend at one of these stages, just tell them what number you are by & it’ll be a little easier to find each other.

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Lamp Beside the Golden Door by Gustavo Prado

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The Mohave tent is pretty similar to the Gobi but the artists can be a little more diverse. You’ll find everything from rappers & bands, to pop singers, & dj’s at this stage. The tent is a pretty good size & has chandeliers, but theirs are a little funky or art deco. My favorite sets at the Mohave tent have been Gesaffelstein & Capital Cities! There are also restrooms, a water refill, & food area located to the left of the Mohave stage & along the edge of the Outdoor.


Gobi may be my favorite stage at Coachella. The walls of this medium size tent are lined with lush red fabric. They have fancy chandeliers hanging all throughout the tent, adding a little more ambiance to the performance. To me the artists that play in the Gobi tent are unique. And although a wide selection of people play there, I like to think they all have a similar artistic quality. Some of my favorite sets at the Gobi tent over the years have been Glass Animals, Yelle, Stromae, Banks, NAO & The Gaslamp Killer Experience. I had never really listened to any of them before, but after seeing their performance, I fell in love! Every year I find a new artist I enjoy at this stage so I am always down to see who is there. You should definitely stop by for at least one set!

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The Sahara tent is where all the big name, popular electronic artists will be. I believe it is the third largest stage (after Coachella & Outdoor) but it is still not big enough. This place gets packed. I do not enjoy being crammed in like sweaty sardines, so I tend to stick to the back of this dome shaped tent where there is room to dance. This year [2017] they added some screens that go all the way around the top of tent which was pretty neat! I had never seen something 360° like that before. I hope they make this tent bigger next year, it definitely could use it.

The area around the Sahara tent can also be traffic jam central if you are there at the wrong time. One of the benefits of being VIP is that you can take a different path from the Gobi that goes behind the Gobi & Sahara tents through the Rose Garden to the right side of the Sahara.

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Rose Garden

This is one of the VIP areas located next to the Sahara Tent. Inside they have more food & drinks. I also saw a golf cart pick up area, but I’m still learning how that works!

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The Terrace

I’ll be honest, I didnt know this area had a name until I worked the event, but the Terrace is a great place to meet up with your friends & re-charge. Here you will find a majority of the food options & a shaded picnic area. It is also home to nicest restrooms at the venue, several stages, & the craft beer area. Outside the restrooms are a bunch of lamps, think Alice & Wonderland. They are all different shapes so it is an eaisly identifyable spot to meet friends.

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FYI That lemonade was amazing & totally worth $10.00

Do Lab

When I first went to Coachella I didn’t realize the Do Lab was a stage. I thought it was an art installation on your way from the Terrace (picnic & food area) to the Outdoor stage. They played music, had dancers, & misted water on you as you walked through. It is crazy to see how this stage has grown. Now located on the Terrace at the end of the nice restrooms & craft beer area, The Do Lab has become one of my favorite places. I can always count on them to have some funky or electronic beats that make you want to get down. I find the overall vibe to be very playful & fun. I also love how they have platforms you can dance on in the back! They usually have a surprise act on last at the Do Lab, so I like to stop by the rest rooms & see who is there before I decide to stay at one set for the rest of the night.

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Heineken Tent

Located on the Terrace, the Heineken tent is the smallest stage at Coachella. I’d say it tends to have DJ’s that play some harder beats & maybe even a little dubstep. I always have fun in there, but thank god it’s air conditioned.  With this style of music, I really like to “dance”. I put that in quotes because i’m not so sure what I do is considered dancing. It’s more of some variation of wiggling, jiggling & head bobbing to the beat. I really liked seeing Doctor P, Must Die, & SNAVS here! Since this tent is pretty small, you can usually get super close. It is also the only stage you can get a drink at, but you do need to get your ID checked first & maybe wait in line to enter!

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I didn’t go into the Yuma that much until the last year or two, but as my appreciation for music has grown, I have started to love this place. This tent is also air conditioned, so that is a plus. Walking in, it reminds me of an underground club you’d find in a foreign country. I also get a little bit of vampire vibes haha. If a really popular artist is playing, I suggest getting there early. A line does form to get into this tent sometimes. I think the music & disco balls in Yuma will keep you dancing, but if you want to chill for a bit the back of this tent has huge cushions people sprawl out on. They also have restrooms you can only access by going in the tent, so they can be a little cleaner than others.

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I didn’t get a chance to see a full set in the Sonora tent but it was so nice in there! Also air conditioning, this tent had art all around the edges & even some drawings on the floor. New this year, I can’t wait to see what bands I will discover at the Sonora stage! I have a feeling this is where the more punk & alternative groups will be.

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Outfits, Packing & Where To Stay

For my thoughts on outfits, camping, or where to stay, check out my previous post Guide To Coachella! I added a little more info after Weekend 1 of Coachella 2017!

Things To See At Coachella!


Antarctica is a show that is totally worth waiting for. I wanted to see it twice!  Located near the lockers, you can see it during the festival or access it after from the campsites. You sit down & look up at the center of the dome while a video plays. I wish I recorded some of it, because it is a little hard to describe. But it is almost like you’re inside of a kaleidoscope. It reminded me of Griffith Observatory a little bit, only way cooler.


A few years ago they had a little Sephora area & this year [2017] they brought it back! Inside you can touch up your make up, get your hair braided, try out some new products, & do a photo booth! It was pretty fun & since I was one of the first people there, I got a free gift!

Boutique, Posters,  & Record Store 

The Boutique & Record Store are other places to get merch inside the festival. Last year I found the coolest blanket in the boutique. As soon as the sun went down I wrapped my blanket around me & bonded with all the other people doing the same thing #CoachellaBlanketGang. It is super hot during the day but dang those winds make it chilly at night. I have also purchased Coachella work out clothes from the boutique that were perfect for when the temp started to drop! If you like souvenirs, Id check out what these places have on the first day, in my experience they do run out!

Coachella 2016 - 678
Coachella Blanket 2016
Odyssey Designs Coachella 2017-111
Coachella Workout Set 2017

The Silent Disco

Located in the camping area, the Silent Disco is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone inside wears headphones that play music from a few different channels. You can pick which one you like & dance, no one will ever know what your headphones are playing. It is pretty funny to watch, but if you wanna go in, be ready for a line. In my experience there is always one.

Other Things To Know

Weekend 1 vs. Weekend 2

Now a lot of people seem to think that Weekend 1 is the better choice. But id say it depends on what you are going to Coachella for. To me, weekend 1 is for all the social media, blogger, & a-list types. It is the weekend you go to see people & be seen. During weekend 1 there are a ton of parties. So many that some of my influencers friends had to make spread sheets to keep track of it all. But these parties aren’t just for anyone, for most, you have to be invited. I was lucky enough to get on the list for Neon Carnival, one of the most “exclusive” parties.  But I was having too much fun with my friends that didn’t get invites to make it on time. Personally, I think the festival has enough going on that unless you’re attending these events for publicity, you’re better of spending your down time relaxing & storing up energy for the real reason you’re in the desert, the festival!

Another argument for weekend 1 is that it is when all the guests come. But when I went to weekend 2 we had just as many, if not more! I also think that they have all of the kinks worked out by weekend 2. Some of the set times are changed & you have a better chance to see more popular artists. To me, the crowd at weekend 2 has bigger music fans & a more laid back vibe.


As I am sure you are aware, tons of people go to Coachella. Usually I find it to be more crowded each day & get busier as the night progresses. Before they increased the size of the venue, there were times I had to just stop walking as people swarmed past me in all directions. It can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, the added space did seem to make a difference, only a few times did the crowds seem insane. If you are GA, you will need to wait in line for most everything. Year after year, I would underestimate the amount of time it would take to get from one place to another but luckily I’ve gotten better about it.


This year [2017] was the first time I rented a locker & it was amazing. Each day I would leave my blanket & change of clothes (usually workout stuff) there. Once the sun would set, I ditched by hat, flower crown, & sunglasses & put my warm clothing in my backpack. It was super nice to have a secure place to keep stuff since I was not camping.

Thanks For Reading!

As different topics come to mind, ill be sure to add more info to this & my Guide To Coachella: Packing & Accommodations post!! Let me know what you think. Id love to hear your opinion & what you think Coachella is really like!



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What I’m Wearing

All Crochet Pieces by me, Odyssey Designs

The Sunnydip Hat by Lack Of Color

Round Flash Lens Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

The Scarlet Skirt in Rus Geo Bloom by Novella Royale

Flower Crown by Petals & Pop

Monarch Fairy Hair Clips by Wild & Free Jewelry

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