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2023 is a year I’ve been looking forward to. Born on the 23rd, it feels extra significant to me. But before I begin writing horoscopes, planning tutorials, patterns, blogs, vlogs, fashion shows, Festival installations, fundraisers, podcasts, & publishing goals… I wanted to use this retrograde phase to review all the blessings 2022!

With time away from blogging, I’ve come back to the site (besides being automatically charged for hosting) to review & share with you, what I have found makes life worth living. The love beauty & passion we all have the ability to create & share. As much as writing has helped me to relax & feel my best, I hit share, to build a connection with you. To inspire your journey & make it easier too. So please comment or leave a message if you have questions about what I do, I’d love to work with you!

So without further ado, my biggest highlight of 2022, took place under the Libra full moon! It was weaving together this party!

With just a few short weeks before Coachella, a dirtybird peep, Olivia, asked me to join the Stone Fox Media team in decorating a party.

Having debated about returning to Indio, I jumped at the chance to work in a creative capacity. All I asked was who was doing the music, to which she replied Lola Langusta would be DJing – vinyl❣️

A skill I myself, was interested in I only followed up with asking for a budget & layout of the space. Looking back, I’d advise otherwise. Questions are your friend. Communication leads to success, and luck is when preparation meets opportunity.


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Having just returned to fully time work, I spent my pre party lunch breaks & evenings scouring thrift stores, sorting through hordes of fiber. Cutting up old sweaters & blankets, forming giant puzzle pieces of crochet & knitting to cover the vip party zone. 

Originally I was told it just be a gazebo & a smaller tree, I’d be covering in crochet or “yarn bombing.” But as the days before the event grew few & far between, my workload doubled. Adding the DJ booth & an entrance way to the set design, I began to hut for pieces online.

A few things came before the big day, & I made time to fill in the empty spaces from scratch. Weaving extra granny squares to match blankets I acquired.


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The day party went by in a flash, did I mention it was for Lucky Brand? Because I totally missed that detail myself. It was the night before leaving when I realized, & I sent my mom hunting through her closet for the her favorite Lucky Brand jeans. Which were saved for when she was at her goal weight, I got to borrow them, but could NOT alter the design. Sigh. Could be fun to do match with next years designs.

I barely felt like I had an opportunity to mingle, and soak it all in. Overflowing with emotion & fulfilled the party was totally granny chic, I left was at peace.

Overall, I felt like this was just the beginning. Super lucky for this opportunity, & beyond inspired for the fantastic future we can make bring artists together.Turning a vision into actuality so quickly, tested me. The challenge reinforced an important thing, you just gotta get started & keep investing in what you love.

Your craft, your friendships, your adventures, your luck begins when you do!

Want to try crochet? Get started today with making the white peplum top Olivia is wearing!
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Made with Wool And The Gang Shiny Happy Cotton

The party went off with out a hitch and there are so many people to thank for it!
Lucky Brand
Stoned Fox Media, Lola Langusta, Shaina Rose, @Its_Olimatic
Rolling Stone
Elena Stonaker
Ash Smith & Leslie Kirchhoff
I Drink Vybes
Arrive Palm Springs
Photos: The Street Snake

& my great great great grandma, who’s crochet motifs covered the DJ booth!

I’ll be back with more updates & crochet patterns too! Thank YOU  for Reading & Supporting, till the festivities bring us together in 2023!

Love & Peace,
Megan NB

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