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2018_09_06_12_00_080001“it was a disappointing diagnosis.” 

“they don’t need to know anything more. ”

might i ask, How good was the nurse at spelling? our family can struggle with some lessons…

i am safe, i trust that life is here for me . i express myself freely & joyously
i take in life in perfect balance
i have the capacity to take in the fullness of life.
[deep hurt]
i lovingly forgive & release all of the past. i choose to fill my world with joy. i love and approve of myself.

YOU CAN   Louise 👋 Words

Health is a vital for survival. never stop trying to improve…

I’ve got work to do, But first, i like to start by dumping out my crap. Bring everything to the surface. Then only, are you able to see what a mess has been made & transform.



Cut Out






I wanna Willy Wonka a school of life to immerse your senses in the beauty of patterns & learn to express our innate talent & drives. but first,

i must fill my own cup up.

simplify. prioritize. & prefect.

i was always told:  it takes three tries to make up your mind. 

my 3ed festival as a professional is approaching.

Tell me what you want to see.  is it an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect? Because that’s the clearest response i could find.

look at the time 9:35 g2g. no smoking tho, just passin’ on patterns. 

see ya when session starts. across my heart... always be. Not a question mark. 

hand written letters,

With love,,


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